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OLD - Pathetic and Peaceful Scenes - Large gorgeous 1869 movable book - 3 languages -SOLD - This item is for reference only, to find available movable books, see category "Books for Sale"
OLD - Pathetic and Peaceful Scenes - Large gorgeous 1869 movable book - 3 languages -SOLD - This item is for reference only, to find available movable books, see category "Books for Sale"

Alternative Views:

Very old and beautiful movable book that pre-dates Meggendorfer's first movable!

Pathetic and peaceful scenes. 8 new pictures to life.




This book was listed in “Bibliographie de la France” dated 1869

It was listed under books published that year by R.Schultz, Rue de Rivoli 204

The listing in the bibliographie read:


Translated it reads:

SCENES pathetic and gentle OCBO NEW MOVABLE TABLES. Hardbound. Prix 7 fr. 50

This book has a title page, 8 pages of text, and 8 gorgeous colorful movable plates – all of them in complete original condition with no tears or missing pieces. All movables move perfectly. The original maroon ribbon covered pull tabs are still there except for the lion scene where the ribbon covering on the tab is missing. Amazingly, all pages are free from chipping with no tears. A conservator note says that the book block was reattached using archival linen and the book binding tape was replaced to match the original red ribbon; otherwise no repairs have been done.One page is loose.

This book is written in Spanish but The 8 movable plates are entitled in 3 languages, Spanish, English, and German. The plates are entitled:

Hide & Seek – (2 boys are hiding in 2 barrels and pop in and out of the barrels as you pull and push the tab)

Playing at Ball – (A boy and a girl each bounce a ball in the park)

Tiger Hunt – ( A tiger runs with a man in his mouth while a man jumps out of a bush to shoot at him)

A Combat – (Two soldiers move, one on a horse with a sword and the other standing with a bayonet – when pulled, the 2 men fight with their weapons.)

Lion Hunting – ( A lion leaps at a goat while a hunter jumps from behind a rock to shoot at the lion.)

Crocodile River – ( Men are riding in a boat. As a croc head comes out of the water, one man raises his hand with a sword)

Rope Dancers – ( A man moves his arm up and down while a dog jumps to catch a treat. At the same time, a rope dancer waves her arms.)

Hunting on the Roof – ( A cat jumps from a window to catch a mouse on the roof while a chimney sweep pops from behind a chimney to watch.)

Collector's Corner:

It is quite interesting to note that 20 years after Schultz published this book at 204 Rue de Rivoli Paris, the property was rented by the famous French impressionist painter Camille Pissarro.

In the winter of 1898, Pissarro decided to rent an apartment in Paris. In a letter to his son Lucien dated 4th December 1898, Pissarro wrote: 'We have engaged an apartment at 204 rue de Rivoli, facing the Tuileries, with a superb view of the Garden, the Louvre to the left, in the background the houses on the quais behind the trees, to the right the Dôme des Invalides, the steeples of Ste. Clothilde behind the solid mass of chestnut trees. It is very beautiful. I shall paint a fine series'.


Product Code: A-18

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