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Meggendorfer - Zum Zeitvertreib - a movable book 1885 - All original and complete

Antique Movable Book Meggendorfer - Zum Zeitvertreib

Alternative Views:

Zum Zeitvertreib fur brave Knaben und Madchen Ein Ziehbilderbuch

(Pastimes for Brave Boys and Girls Movable Picturebook)

Lothar Meggendorfer

München [Munich]: Verlag von Braun & Schneider, n.d. [c. 1892]

Folio (11 7/8 x 9 1/4 in; 303 x 235 mm) - Sixth Edition

The book contains an introduction on the fly sheet followed by eight moveables with a poem describing the activities (in German- not translated).

Condition - Very Good - All moveables are original, complete and in good working order.
Original publisher's pictorial boards colored in red, black and blue with cloth back strip restored. Covers show some edge wear on the corners and slight stain areas. Covers have been reattached with archival linen tape and book is basically tight. The Introduction (fly sheet ) has some slight foxing which does not appear on other pages. There is a light ownership stamp. The interior pages have slight signs of soiling and a few small marks/stains opposite several of the wire coils. The moveables are bright and clear. The original pulls are in good condition with a few repaired tears along the openings. Any noticable repairs or marks are indicated in the description of the individual movables and the photographs. However, this copy of a late 19th century Meggendorfer is in very good condition. Even if one cannot read the German, Meggendorfer's sense of humor comes across strong in the movable pictures - so enjoy.

The moveables (with English title translations) include:

Die Gouvernate (The Governess). Two well dressed young women and an older woman sitting between them (obviously the governess) are apparently at the theatre. The young women peer through through their glasses moving them around obviously interested in more than just the play. The governess keeps close watch on them with her rolling eyes.There is a bend in the pull but not torn. This same picture appears on the front cover welcoming to Meggendorer's sly humor within.

Die Billardspieler (The Billards Player). With one pull a very serious man kicks up his leg, pulls back his arm and shoots at a billard while his head nods. You can feel his concentration in his careful efforts.

Die Schmetterlingsfanger (The Butterfly Catcher) A man bends down, swings his net while opening and closing his mouth as a butterfly quickly flies away. There is a faint stain from the net on opposite page hardly noticable. This same movable appears in Meggendorfer's Always Jolly ! (English, H. Grevel & Co. London c.1890) as The Naturalist. One has to smile at the description of "a hunter bold" as he "marches on with his net heeding neither wind nor wet."

Der vergessene Hausschlussel (The Forgotten Housekey) A man holding an open unbrella attempts to open a locked door while it is raining. As the pull is moved carefully down and toward the side (as indicatred by the length of the pull slit) the man moves back and forth moving his entire body and arm in a vain effort. The open unbrella moves also. It is original, but repaired handle had been taped and slight remains of the glue can be seen This same moveable also appears in Always Jolly with the unhappy man saying "Goodness Gracious, what a bore! Why will they not heed the door?" And even with all the pulling with "might and main he concludes "...'tis all in vain." Well, he has been at it for more than 125 years and is still looking for pulls to help.

Der Grfatulant (The Well-Wisher). Here Meggendorfer puts aside his humor for the gentle kindness of a young boy offering flowers to an elderly woman. As he lifts his arms to give her a boquet of flowers she nods her smiling head and reaches her arms out toward the flowers. A kitten sitting on a nearby table adds warmth to the scene.

Der durftige Kasperl (The Thirsty Punch and Judy) Here Meggendorfer returns to his quick sense of humor. A man and woman sit at a table. He reaches for her mug while she if holding a large menu which covers her face. In a tab pull the man lifts the mug opening his mouth bringing it all the way to his mouth then tilting his head back to drink. As he does the woman lowers her menu glaring at him and moving both arms with a wild expression - obviously disapproving as it apparently was her drink. The pull must be pulled down and side ways and is evident by the long pull slit. Pulling and moving it along the slit slowly gives full movement of a very funny scene even as he returns the mug. There a few small tears at edge of pull slit but the movables work just as intended.

Der gesangene Turko (The Singing Turk appears in English translations. However I could find no translations that would explain that title although it might appear that he is "singing" as his head moves. Other translations say The Prisoner Turk.) A black man is obviously under arrest as a white uniformed police officer has him by the back of the neck A pull moves the officer's arm and elbow which moves the head and torso of the captive whose hand moves inside his pocket. I have a reproduction of this book in German (Esslingen 2009). It is interesting that all the moveables are present except this particular one which was not included in the reproduction.

Der Apfeldieb (The Apple Thief). A young boy hangs from a window ledge apparently caught in the act of trying to steqal some apples seen through the window. But an angry man has caught him in the act and swings his arm with a long stick hitting the boy backside. The boy scream loudly with a big yelling mouth and kicks hard. I doubt that he will try to steal apples any time in the future although the book has been enjoyed for a very long time and he will continue kicking into the future.

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