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Very rare 1883 movable book - by G. Loewensohn Furth, Bavaria

movable book - by G. Loewensohn

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Fairy Tales For Children

1883 Movable Book – Rare - no other copies listed anywhere.

By G. Lowensohn, a lithographer in Fuerth, Bavaria imported by G. M. Thurnauer New York.

4 movable pages with a story on the movables and a title page.

10 3/4" X 8"

Very Good Condition for its age – all 4 movables are intact with no missing pieces. Too old and rare to compare to any other copies as none are listed anywhere.

How we dated this book:

Home Furnishing Review Volume 23 by Andrew J. Haire, 1903, Has a passage celebrating the 20th anniversary of G. M. Thurnauer stating that the firm had opened at it’s first location on Duane Street in 1883. According to the book, they quickly moved to Reade street then 3 other locations to get where they are today (1903). Since this book states the Duane address, we can safely assume that this book was Published in the early 1880’s. ( The J. & E. Stevens accounting ledger for 1887 shows G. M. Thurnauer had already moved to Reade street by then – so this book was published sometime between 1883 and 1887.)

Note:There is a name written in pencil on the verso. Nineteeth Century script in pencil spells Walter Gould. There was a famous painter at that time named Walter Gould whose paintings now sell for over a million dollars. However, we would have no way of knowing if the Walter Gould who owned this book was the same person.

Collector's Corner:

For more information on the Bavarian publishing firm Loewensohn, see our article printed in the November 2013 issue of Movable Stationary. This article can also be found on this website under the tab Movable Book History Articles.


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