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Raphael Tuck - Father Tuck's Zoo Panorama with Movable Pictures - complete with all original figures - 1908
Panoramic Pictures at the Zoo - Pop-up AND Panorama

Alternative Views:

Father Tuck's Zoo Panorama with Movable Pictures

London -Paris - New York ; Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd., Publishers to Their Majesties the King & Queen, [nd - 1908]*

Condition: Spines at folds have been reinforced. Else Very Good - bright clean, all original, containing all movable figures with none missing.


30cm x 27cm

4 plates in concertina form that stand up to create a large panorama with 15 numbered loose figures of zoo scenes kept in the attached pocket on the reverse. 15 corresponding numbered slits in the panorama to insert the movable figures. On the reverse of plates is a story. Rear panel is designed as a pocket to hold the figures when not in use.

The envelope on the back containing all the movable figures states:

How To Set Up Your Zoo.

HERE you have a Zoo all of your own with the cages and grounds just as they are in the real Zoological Gardens, and In the pocket at the back of Ibis book you will find the animals and birds with the visitors and keepers, all complete. Now you stand up the panorama and insert all these objects into the slots which are marked with numbers corresponding to those on the figures. A great many scenes can be formed by putting the animals and birds into different cages and places, and you will find it nearly as interesting as a Visit to the London Zoo, and this, your own Zoo, you can visit every day. These are the names, in English, French and Spanish, of all the animals in the pocket, so while you are having a game you can be learning something at the same time.

l. Tiger. Tigre. Tigre.
2. Lion. Lion. Leon.
3. Fox. Renard. Zorro.
4. Monkey. Singe. Mono.
5. Camel. Charneau. Camello.
6. Elephant. Eléphant. Elefarte.
7. Llama. Lama. Llama.
8. Bear. Ours. Oso.
9. Seal. Phoque. Foca.
10. Crocodile. Crocodile. Crocodilo.
I l. Gull. Pingouin. Gaviota
12. Ostrich. Autriche. Avestruz.
13. Flamingo. Flamand Flamenco.
1 4, Macaw. Arat. Macaco.
15. Parrot. Perroquet. Papagayo.

Other notes:
*Between 1900 and 1910 Date of publication understood from publisher's imprint, cf. Blair & Margaret Whitton's Collector's guide to Raphael Tuck & Son, p. [6]. Published during the reign of King Edward VII.
We can further narrow the date down by this "introductory editorial" introducing the new panorama books in 1908:
From The American Stationer, Volume 64 Howard Lockwood, 1908 - Stationery trade page 26:

"The picture panorama is the latest novelty for children put on the market by Raphael Tuck & Sons, These panoramas come in colored booklets, each one containing a number Of figures arranged for cutting out and standing up apart. like the Old fashioned paper soldiers. But the figures are more attractive than those play-
things of the last generation ; they come in a greater variety of subjects and are profusely colored. The figures in each book- let make a part of a series of tableaux illustrating fairy stories, etc. Many Of the booklets contain birds and Wild and exotic animals. They are well drawn and colored perfectly, showing a regard for accuracy that ought to make some Of the "nature fakirs" feel envious."

We have another Raphael Tuck Panorama using a similar cover image as this one – but with a very different type of movable inside. See site.

Collectors Corner:

Collect then all!

Following the image below is a list of other Tuck panoramas with separate figures to insert into slots.
Dating each edition depends on publishers info on back. Some of the early ones were reprinted in the 1920's and or 90's.

We are very appreciative of the website TuckDB Ephemera when it comes to researching Raphael Tuck. The image below came from their website and was taken from Raphael Tucks 1928 "WORLD'S ART SERVICE" catalog.

Following is a lost of other Tuck panoramas with separate figures to insert into slots.
Dating each edition depends on publishers info on back. Some of the early ones were reprinted in the 1920's and or 90's.

Dating the panoramas - In 1893, Queen Victoria granted the firm the Royal Warrant of Appointment. Tuck cards thereafter bore the message, “Art Publishers to Her Majesty the Queen”. Thus,this imprint means it was published during the reign of Queen Victoria - on or after June of 1893 and before 1901. Future publications would continue to reflect whoever held the throne at the time. In 1894 LTD was added, so look for that - or missing that, as well.

We greatly appreciate the wisdom of other collectors who email us to comment, add titles, or make corrections. We welcome any additional input to this list sent to

Days in Catland with Louis Wain. Father Tuck’s Panorama. [1895]

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Days in Catland with Louis Wain. New York, Shackman & Co., 1991

Father Tuck’s Express Train Panorama With Movable Pictures. New York, Shackman & Co., 1995

Father Tuck’s Noah 's Ark Panorama. New York, Shackman & Co., 1997

Father Tuck's World's Circus: Panorama with Movable Pictures, Shackman, 1998

Father Tuck’s Alice in Wonderland. New York, Shackman & Co., 2000

With Father Tuck in Fairyland Panorama, Shackman

Rare German Editions:

We have two more panoramas in our collection. They are both in German without a publisher mentioned - only the German trademark
"gesetzl gesch" which translates to "protected by law", indicating that the design, appearance, application or use of the item in question had been officially registered. (gesetzlich geschützt is abbreviated gesetzl gesch, gesetzl. gesch., ges. geschützt or ges. gesch)

Dornroschen Sneewittchen Panorama-Buch (English equivalent:

Father Tuck's Panorama Fairy Tales. The Sleeping Beauty and Little Snow Drop)

Auf Dem Lande Panorama-Buch ( English
equivalent: Father Tuck's Panorama, Buttercup Farm)

Other notes and references:

From: The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Saturday 16 December 1911, page 6:


Product Code: T-16

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