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The Movable Book Society: http://www.movablebooksociety.org

Founded in 1992 by Rutgers librarian Ann Montanaro, “The Movable Book Society” is an excellent resource for collectors. It is an international organization of pop-up and movable book enthusiasts.

Robert Sabuda - https://http://wp.robertsabuda.com

One of the greatest and bestselling modern day pop-up book creators. We are avid Sabuda collectors as well.

Pop-Up Kingdom: https://www.popupkingdom.com/

Fabulous website to look at even if you don't speak the language. Pop-up kingdom was behind the recent movable book exhibits in Taiwan, which many are calling the greatest movable book exhibits ever created.

Ellen Rubin: https://popuplady.com

Also known as The Popup Lady, Ellen has contributed greatly to our understanding of movable books. She is a Kubasta expert and go to person for all books movable.