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Schaller & Kirn, a short history and list of movable books

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Carl Friedrich Schaller (alternatively spelled Karl), born in 1846 in Otisheim, Württemberg, Germany, cofounded the Lithographic Art Institute and Storybook Factory (Lithographische Kunstanstalt und Bilderbuchfabrik) in Fürth, Bavaria, with Gregor Kirn. In 1885, Kirn departed from the business, leaving Schaller as the sole proprietor. Schaller then officially registered the enterprise under his name on December 23, 1885, renaming it "Bilderbogenfabrik Carl Schaller" and situating it at Königswarterstraße 8a. The early imprints from the publisher after that were marked “Carl Schaller Bilderbücherfabrik Fürth o.J., o. J..”

The movable books bearing the imprint Schaller & Kirn (or SK) are believed to have been published between 1883 and 1885. Given the brief lifespan of this collaboration, there was scant opportunity for issuing second editions, making existing Schaller & Kirn movable books exceedingly rare today. Despite their short operation period, the output of movable books by Schaller and Kirn was remarkably prolific. Historical catalogs list numerous movable titles (over 30 discovered and translated in this research), yet few have surfaced in libraries or online in recent times. Schaller & Kirn produced high-quality hardback books, some of which offered an optional gold gilt application at an additional cost.

Post-1885, books published by Schaller were identified as Carl Schaller or C. Schaller, featuring a distinct logo. Schaller continued producing movable books under this new branding until at least 1890, albeit in lesser quantities than during the Schaller & Kirn era.

Carl Shaller original signature: (From the collection of vintagepopupbooks.com)

Carl Schaller passed away in 1919, and his son Johann Friedrich Schaller (1880-1949) took over the business. Friedrich became a partner in 1912 and, following his father's death, assumed the role of sole proprietor. By 1926, the Carl Schaller Art Institute had relocated to Finkenstrasse 6. The firm appears to have lost Schaller control between 1932 and 1934, possibly influenced by the fact that Friedrich's wife, Mina, was of partial Jewish descent and the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany. Carl Schaller, according to Geni.com, was active from 1884 to 1933 as a manufacturer in Fürth, running a lithographic art institute and a picture book and games factory. Financial difficulties emerged by 1933, and an entry on the commercial card of Carl Schaller's firm indicates that around 1933/34, Vereinigte Kunstanstalten took over the company. By 1935, it became known as Vereinigte Kunstanstalten Ludwig Senkeisen, G. Geck & Co., H. Dibbern & Schneller AG. In 1951, it was referred to as L. SenkeisenKG and continued operating until at least 1968, producing picture and coloring books, card games, and other games. However, only a few books from the Vereinigte Kunstanstalten Senkeisen are listed in the catalog of the German National Library. The Vereinigte Kunstanstalten was deregistered in 1970, marking the end of an era for the company.

The last advertisement we've seen for “Carl Schaller BilderBücher Und SpieleFabrik” dates back to 1931, it can be found in the book "Deutsche Spielwaren-Zeitung; ...: für die Spielwaren-Industrie und den Export nach allen Landen," Volumes 23-24, 1931, on page 29. This ad, (the vintagepopupbooks.com collection holds the original ad - see photos), in German reads: "Malbücher Reklameartikel Gesellschaftsspiele Beschäftigungsspiele Bilderbücher Mosaikspiele, Carl Schaller BILDERBÜCHER- UND SPIELEFABRIK Fürth in Bayern. ZUR MESSE IN LEIPZIG: PETERSHOF V KOJE 552, Hela- BASTELKÄSTEN,‘PROPELLER-WAGEN’ KASTEN NR.36". Translated into English, it states: “Coloring books Promotional items Board games Activity games Picture books Mosaic games, Carl Schaller PICTURE BOOK AND GAME FACTORY Fürth in Bavaria, AT THE FAIR IN LEIPZIG: PETERSHOF V BOOTH 552, Hela- CRAFT BOXES, “PROPELLER CAR’ BOX NO.36"

Image of original ad cut from book - the vintagepopupbooks.com collection: ad is dated on back July 1, 1931

Note: "Hela craft box No. 27," was designed for building a model of the Graf Zeppelin D-LZ 127. This craft box, dating back to the 1920s, was both a teaching tool and a game, offering materials sufficient for building several models. The box included various components like metal connectors, round timber, paper strips, and a construction plan. This product reflected the expanded approach of Carl Schaller's factory to games.


Following Kirn's departure in 1885, several movables were published with only the Carl Schaller imprint, marked by an interlaced C and S logo. The listed movable books below originate from the original company, Schaller and Kirn, and hence were published between 1883 and 1885. Subsequent titles published solely under Schaller's name are also included in this list.

Our research has identified over 35 movable titles by Schaller and Kirn, featuring titles in German, English, and French. Identification of these books can be challenging, as the firm often employed only their logo for publishing information.

Logo for Schaller & Kirn: [Description of the logo]. (1883 - 1885)

Logo for Carl Shaller (without Kirn) (intertwined capital letters S and C = Carl Schaller ) (1886 - 1932)

Section 1: Titles that have been found in English or French as well s German:

Note: We have two copies of “Happy Children” one in German and one in English. The German edition was published by Schaller & Kirn. The English Edition was published by Dean & Son (available on vintagepopupbooks.com)

German Edition: "Happy Children: An Entertaining Picture Book with Movable [Parts] (5 movables) - Schaller & Kirn, 1885.".(Translated from German book - Glückliche Kinder : ein unterhaltsames Bilderbuch mit beweglichen Tableaux für die liebe Jugend. . [Fürth], 1885) 5 movables - Schaller & Kirn, 1885

English Edition: Happy Children, Dean & Son, 160a Fleet Street, E.C., London, nd [1886?] Note : Publication date from copy at Bodleian Library annotated Christmas 1886.
Dean & Son edition: (available on vintagepopupbooks.com)

More Books:

English Translation: "TURN FURTHER! Pleasant picture book for big and small with changeable figures, taken from daily life. (1890)"

Original in Dutch: "DRAAI MAAR VERDER! Prettig prentenboek voor groot en klein met veranderlijke Figuren, genomen uit het dagelijks leven. (1890)"

This movable picture book is a delightful and engaging book for all ages. It features a movable disc (volvelle) for each of 5 scenes that turns to reveal one of 10 different faces on each of the 5 characters. The figures include Baas Pikdraad, an Englishman, a rocking child, a washerwoman, and a pianist.

image from the collection of vintagepopupbooks.com - available here: https://www.vintagepopupbooks.com/Schaller

Ketterer & Kunst auctioned an English S&K titled: Gulliver: A Miraculous Voyage to Lilliput : Six Moving Pictures for Well-bred Children 10 and 1/2 “. (26.7 cm) Two movable illustrations on each of 6 movable pages. Gulliver was shipwrecked, shackled by the dwarves, as a giant statue and finally the escape in a rowboat on the rocking sea

See Image from Ketterer & Kunst:

Gulliver image

Ketterer & Kunst also auctioned an English edition titled: ABC - illustrated. With instructive questions and answers for good children. It had nineteen shutter-type moveables on ten sheets

Also seen online by Ketterer & Kunst in English: Fables and Anecdotes of animals. An amusing picture book for good children.. 6 movable pages - Schaller & Kirn, 1885 - 5 movables: rat and elephant , hare and tortoise, fox and stork, raven and fox, grasshopper and ant, and wolf and the lamb (Found in English)

Original in German: "Fabeln u. Lehren der Thiere. Unterhaltendes Bilderbuch f. artige Kinder, enth. 6 belegt. (chromolith.) Tafeln. qu. 4. (6 Bl. Text.) Schreiber & Kirm. geb. baar 2.—; m. Goldschnitt. 2.50."

Photo at Ketterer Kunst Image ABC

English Edition: THE BIG WASH: An Entertaining Picture Book for Well-Behaved Girls. With 5 Color Lithographed Plates with Pull Mechanism. (Fürth. Schaller & Kirn, 1885)"
(Translated from german title: GROSSE WÄSCHE Ein unterhaltendes Bilderbuch für artige Mädchen. Mit 5 farblitho-graphierten Tafeln mit Ziehmechanismus.(Fürth. Schaller & Kirn, 1885) (Notes: This book, aimed at teaching young girls about housekeeping, features a series of movable images that depict two small girls engaging in various laundry-related activities. The scenes include washing the laundry, hanging it to dry, flattening and ironing the clothes, a dispute over a doll, and going to bed, among others. The book contains 5 movable images and measures approximately 7.5” x 9”
We also found this title online in French - Grande Lessive. Livre d'images mobiles pour l'amusement des fillettes bien sages.) French version : Alphabet Books see on the link below:

Another Image can be seen from the ANTIQUARIAT WINFRIED GEISENHEYNER KATALOG 77 Winter 2009 E-Mail: [email protected]

The Golden Book – The English Edition is shown in the photo below – We’ve also seen a German edition
English Edition: "The Golden Book: Six Movable Pictures with Appropriate Verses for Well-Behaved Children. Schaller & Kirn. Fürth 1885."
Original in German: "Das goldene Buch: sechs bewegliche Bilder mit passenden Versen für artige Kinder. Schaller & Kirn. Fürth 1885."
Available from vintagepopupbooks.com at https://www.vintagepopupbooks.com/The-Golden-Book

LIVELY PEOPLE AN AMUSING PICTURE BOOK HardcoverPagination: 6 pages Width: 10.5" Height: 14.25"
This English Version was seen previously at auction https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/lively-peo... ,
It can also be found in old reference books dated 1893 with only the Carl Shaller logo. In 1893 it cost 1.30 0- or you could get it by mail for $1.46

Other books # 2 and 3 :
Ketterer & Kunst - See Lively People Image

An English edition was previously online entitled: Droll Fellows: Six Mooving Pictures with Rhymes for Well-bred Children - Fürth, Schaller & Kirn

Section 2 :

These are additional titles that we’ve only found in German – (we have included English translations of the German) Most of these can only be found in old book reference catalogs.
[Note: Collectors who possess any titles not already documented are encouraged to contribute to this research by contacting [email protected]. This information is integral to the virtual museum's ongoing publication.]

English Translation: "Long and Funny in Comical Pictures, with Verses for Big and Small. (6 Chromolithographs to Unfold with 8 Pages of Text. 1885)"
Original in German: "Lang u. Lustig in komischen Bildern, m. Versen für Groß u. Klein. (6 Chromolith. zum Aufklappen mit 8 Bl. Text.)"
(This book, "Long and Funny in Comical Pictures," features six chromolithographs that unfold, accompanied by verses suitable for both adults and children. The interactive nature of the unfolding images and the inclusion of poetry suggests a playful and engaging read, likely filled with humor and wit. The book seems designed to entertain a wide range of readers through visual and literary creativity.)

English Translation: "Butterfly Hunting – picture book with 5 pullable images. 1885."
Original in German: "Schmetterlingsjagd, die. Bilderbuch mit 5 ziehbaren Bildern. 4. Fürth 85. Schaller."
(This book, "Butterfly Hunting," from 1885, is a visually engaging and interactive picture book. It includes five pullable images, which likely allow readers to manipulate parts of the pictures, possibly revealing different aspects of a scene or contributing to a sense of movement—apt for a book about butterflies. This interactive feature would have made the book particularly appealing to children, offering a playful way to explore the theme of butterfly hunting. The book's large format, indicated by the "4" in the description, suggests it was a substantial, hands-on item, ideal for a young audience. Published in Fürth by Schaller, this book would have been a delightful and educational tool, combining the wonder of nature with interactive elements.)

"Magnitude Menagerie of Bloodthirsty Beasts: An amusing picture book with drawable images."
Original in German: "Große Menagerie blutdürstiger Tiere. Ein unterhaltendes Bilderbuch mit ziehbaren Bildern." Schaller & Kirn.
(This book, titled "Magnitude Menagerie of Bloodthirsty Beasts," is an entertaining picture book that features drawable images. The title suggests a focus on exotic and potentially fearsome animals, presented in a way that captures the imagination and perhaps the humor of the subject. The drawable images imply an interactive element, where parts of the pictures can be manipulated, adding a dynamic and engaging aspect to the reading experience. This format would have been particularly appealing for children, offering a playful yet educational look at different animals, albeit with a slightly dramatic twist in the description of them being 'bloodthirsty.' Published by Schaller & Kirn, this book would have been a unique and captivating addition to a child's library, blending amusement with a touch of the wild.)

English Translation: "Snow White. A Fairy Tale Book for Well-Behaved Children. [Fürth: Schaller & Kirn 1885]."
Original in German: "Sneewittchen. Ein Märchenbuch für artige Kinder. [Fürth: Schaller & Kirn 1885]."
(This book, "Snow White. A Fairy Tale Book for Well-Behaved Children," published in 1885 by Schaller & Kirn, is an elaborate and interactive rendition of the classic fairy tale. It consists of four hinged pages that unfold to reveal ten different scenes from the story of Snow White. This format not only makes the book visually captivating but also adds a level of interaction, as readers can explore the unfolding scenes. The design suggests a focus on both the narrative and the aesthetic presentation, making it a likely treasured item among children. The book being tailored for "well-behaved children" reflects the 19th-century emphasis on moral and educational values in children's literature. This book would have been a delightful way for children to engage with a beloved fairy tale, blending storytelling with innovative design.)

English Translation "Youthful Joys. Picture book with 10 movable (chromolithographed) images. 1885. quarto. (3 Marks, bound. 3 Marks 50 Pf. geb., with gold embossing and a special title image for 3 Marks 50 Pf.)"
German Original: "Jugendfreuden. Bilderbuch mit 10 bewegl. (chromolith.) Bildern. 1885. qu. 4°. (3 M., geb. 3 M. 50 Pf.) geb., mit Goldpräg. u. innerem Titelbild für 3 M. 50 Pf."
(This description is of a picture book titled "Youthful Joys," dating back to 1885. It features ten movable images that have been created using chromolithography, a printing technique that produced rich, vibrant colors. This book is a large quarto size, indicating a substantial format typically used for high-quality publications. The pricing information suggests that the book was sold for 3 Marks in its standard bound version. For an extra 50 Pfennig, a version with gold embossing and a special title image was available, elevating it to a more luxurious edition. The details point to a book that was not only interactive and visually appealing but also well-crafted, with options for more decorative features.)

English Translation: " "Play and Jokes. Picture book with 5 movable (chromolithographed) plates. large 4. (5 sheets of text.) Fürth 1885, Schaller and Kirn. bound. With gold embossing and title picture and jokes."
German Original:" Spiel und Scherz . Bilderbuch mit 5 bewegl . ( chromolithogr . ) Taf . gr . 4. ( 5 Bl . Text . ) Fürth 1885 , Schaller und Kirn . geb. Mit Golbpreffung und Titelbild und Scherz .
(This picture book, titled "Play and Frolic," from the year 1885, would likely have been a source of entertainment and delight for children. It features five movable parts, which would have been interactive elements that children could manipulate to see different images or aspects of a scene. This interactivity would have added an element of play to the reading experience, encouraging engagement and possibly even storytelling from the young readers. The book would have been designed to capture a child's imagination through both the visuals and the physical activity of moving the parts.)

English Translation: "Happy Childhood: Old Verses with New Pictures for Good Children."
Original in German: "Glückliche Kinderzeit: alte Verse mit neuen Bildern für brave Kinder" by Hans Kaufmann. [Fürth. Schaller und Kirn] Glückliche Kinder [Fürth]. [Schaller & Kire]. [1885]. 6 leaves.
(This book, "Happy Childhood: Old Verses with New Pictures for Good Children," presents a charming blend of traditional poetry and contemporary illustrations. Authored by Hans Kaufmann and published around 1880 by Schaller and Kirn in Fürth, it includes six leaves (pages), each combining old verses with new images. This format reflects the educational and moral ethos of the 19th century, aiming to engage and instruct young readers. The book is designed for well-behaved children, indicating that the content likely focuses on moral lessons and virtues. The incorporation of new illustrations with old verses shows a blend of respect for tradition with a fresh, contemporary approach, typical in children's literature of that era where moral and educational values were paramount.)

English Translation: "Happy. Picture book with 5 movable parts. (Chromo- (80 pages with 6 chromolithographed pictures) large octavo. Bound lithographed) images from 1885. (5 sheets of text.) Size quart.†1 Mark 30 Pfennig. (1 Mark 75 Pfennig, or 2 Marks 25 Pfennig.) bound for 1 Mark. Entertaining pictures for 25 Pfennig, with gold embossing."

German Original: "Happy. Picture book m. 5 movable. (chro- (80p. w. 6 chromodr.-pictures.) gr. 8º. b. molith.) images. 1885. (5 sheet. text.) size. 4º.†1M. 30Pf. (1M. 75Pf., or. 2M. 25Pf.) b. 1M. Ein unterhalt. Pictures-25Pf., with gold pressg."

English Translation: "Fables of Jean de La Fontaine: Amusing picture book for children, containing six moving tableaux."
Original in German: "Fabeln von Jean de Lafontaine: Unterhaltendes Bilderbuch für artige Kinder, enthaltend sechs bewegliche Tafeln."
(This book presents a selection of Jean de La Fontaine's fables, adapted into an interactive picture book format for children. It includes six moving tableaux, likely intricate scenes that children can manipulate, bringing the timeless fables to life in a dynamic and engaging way. The book aims to be both educational and entertaining, introducing young readers to classic literature through interactive visual storytelling.)

English Translation: "Play and Jokes. Photo book with 5 movable parts. (Chromo-!Lafontaine, Jean de, Fables. Amusing from molith.) Plate. (5 leaves of text.) 40. Picture book just like for children, including 1 Mark 70 Pfennig square quarto. (2 Marks or 2 Marks 50 Pfennig.) born 1 Mark."
German Original: "Spiel u. Scherz. Fotobuch m. 5 bewegl. (chro-!Lafontaine, Jean de, Fabeln. Amusing des molith.) Plate. (5bl. Text.) 40. Bilderbuch wie für Kinder, inkl. 1M.70Pf. qu. 4º. (2M. oder 2M.50Pf.) geboren 1M."
(This seems to be an entertaining book that includes photographs (or photo-like illustrations) with elements that can move, likely to add a fun, interactive aspect. The book references "Jean de Lafontaine," known for his fables, suggesting that the content might be humorous or moralistic in nature. It's described as being similar to children's picture books and includes text accompanying the images)

English Translation: "Lettuce Head, cheerful. Various Pranks in 6 movable chromolithographs. Pictures with nice imprinted verses for well-behaved children. large 4. Fürth 1885, Schaller and Kirn. hardcover."
German Original: "Kopfsalat, fröhliche. Schabernack Allerlei in 6 bewegl. chromolithogr. Bildern mit netten eingedr. Versen für artige Kinder. gr. 4. Fürth 885, Schaller und Kirn. geb."
(This book appears to be a delightful collection for children, titled "Lettuce Head, cheerful," suggesting a playful and perhaps whimsical theme. It contains six movable chromolithographed images, which are likely interactive, adding a dynamic element to the reading experience. Accompanied by charming verses that are imprinted with the pictures, it is targeted at well-behaved children, possibly containing moral lessons or simply entertaining content. Published in 1885 by Schaller and Kirn in Fürth, it is a large-sized hardcover book, indicating it was a substantial, durable item, likely intended to be a keepsake.)

English Translation: "Holiday Fun. Picture book with 10 movable (chromolithographed) pictures, large 4. (10 sheets of text.) Fürth 1885. Schaller & Kirn. hardcover."
German Original: "Ferienfreuden. Bilderbuch m. 10 bewegl. (chromolith.) Bildern. gr. 4. (10 Bl. Text.) Fürth 885. Schaller & Kirn. geb."
(This book, "Holiday Fun," is a picture book designed to entertain children, especially during holidays. It includes ten movable chromolithographed pictures, which suggests that the images may change or have interactive parts when manipulated. The book also includes ten sheets of text, providing stories or descriptions to go along with the images. The use of chromolithography means the pictures are likely colorful and vivid. Published in 1885 by Schaller & Kirn in Fürth, it is a large hardcover edition, making it a durable book for children to enjoy repeatedly.)

English Translation: "Travel Adventures. Playbook with 4 movable (chromolithographed) plates, large 4. (4 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 1.75; with gold embossing and title picture 2.25."
German Original: "Fahrten Abenteuerlustige. Spielwerk m. 4 bewegl. (chromolith.) Taf. gr. 4. (4 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 1.75; m. Goldpräg. u. Titelbild 2.25."
(This book, "Travel Adventures," is designed as a playbook, which means it's interactive and probably aims to engage the reader in activities or stories that simulate adventure experiences. It features four movable chromolithographed plates, a printing technique that produces rich, vibrant colors. The book comes with four sheets of text, likely providing context or stories to accompany the illustrations. The hardcover edition suggests it's built to last, which would be necessary for a book meant to be handled and played with. It was priced at 1.75 in cash for the standard edition, with a more deluxe version featuring gold embossing and a decorative title picture available for 2.25, reflecting the craftsmanship that went into the book's production.)

English Translation: "Entertaining picture book for good children, contains 6 movable (chromolithographed) plates. square 4. (6 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 2.—; with gold embossing 2.50."
German Original: "Fabeln. Unterhaltendes Bilderbuch f. artige Kinder, enth. 6 bewegl. (chromolith.) Tafeln. qu. 4. (6 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 2.—; m. Goldpräg. 2.50."
(This book seems to be a delightful and instructional picture book intended for well-mannered children. It includes six movable chromolithographed plates, which were a form of colorful print highly popular in the 19th century. These movable elements would have provided an interactive aspect, likely fascinating for children at the time. Accompanying the pictures are six sheets of text, which could be stories or descriptions that add depth to the images. The book was sold as a hardcover, ensuring durability, and could be purchased for 2 marks in cash, with an additional option of a gold-embossed cover for 2.50 marks, making it a potentially attractive and treasured item for young readers.)

English Translation: "The Surprise Pack. An entertaining picture book with 5 pull-out (chromolithographed) images for well-behaved boys. 4. (5 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. cash 1.30."
German Original: "Überraschungspack, Die. Ein unterhalt. Bilderbuch m. 5 ziehbaren (chromolith.) Bildern f. artige Knaben. 4. (5 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. baar 1.30."
(This book, titled "The Surprise Pack," is an entertaining picture book geared toward young boys. It includes five pull-out images that are chromolithographed, a technique that offers vibrant, colorful illustrations. These pull-out elements would have made the book interactive, allowing boys to engage more deeply with the visuals. Alongside the images, there are five sheets of text, which likely include stories or educational content, fitting with the period's emphasis on moral instruction for children. Priced at 1.30 in cash, it would have been an accessible and appealing book for families to purchase for their children.)

English Translation: "The Dwarf Roosters. Picture book with 4 movable (chromolithographed) plates. square 4. (4 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 1.75; with gold embossing and title picture 2.25."
German Original: "Zwerghähne, die. Bilderbuch m. 4 bewegl. (chromolith.) Taf. qu. 4. (4 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 1.75; m. Goldpräg. u. Titelbild 2.25."
(This book, "The Dwarf Roosters," is a picture book featuring four movable chromolithographed plates. The movable aspect suggests that the plates could be manipulated in some way, likely enhancing the storytelling or visual experience. Chromolithography, known for its vibrant colors, would make these illustrations particularly appealing. The book includes four sheets of text, providing narratives or information to accompany the pictures. Available in a hardcover edition for durability, it was priced at 1.75 in cash. Additionally, a more luxurious version with gold embossing and a special title picture was available for 2.25, catering to those seeking a more decorative and collectible version.)

English Translation: "Joke, Picture book with 5 movable (chromolithographed) plates. large 4. (5 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 1.75; with gold embossing and title picture 2.25."
German Original: "Scherz, Bilderbuch m. 5 bewegl. (chromolith.) Taf. gr. 4. (5 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 1.75; m. Goldpräg. u. Titelbild 2.25."
(This book, titled "Joke," is a humorous and interactive picture book for children. It contains five movable chromolithographed plates, which suggests the illustrations are not only vibrant and colorful but also interactive. The book includes five sheets of text, likely accompanying the images with stories or amusing narratives. It's a large, hardcover book, indicating durability for regular use by children. Priced at 1.75 in cash, it was an accessible item for families. For those desiring something more ornate, a version with gold embossing and a decorative title picture was available for 2.25, adding a touch of luxury to the book.)

English Translation: "Up! Up! to the Fair! Three perspective (chromolithographed) pictures with movable figures and matching verses for the narration and joy of dear youth. square 4. (5 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 6.—"
German Original: "Auf! Auf! zum Jahrmarkt! Drei perspektiv. (chromolith.) Bilder m. bewegl. Fig. u. pass. Versen zur Erzählung. u. Freude der lieben Jugend. qu. 4. (5 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 6."
(This book, "Up! Up! to the Fair!" is a captivating and interactive picture book that seems to be themed around the excitement of a fair or carnival. It features three perspective chromolithographed images, which means the illustrations likely give a sense of depth and dimension, enhanced by movable figures to add interactivity. The inclusion of matching verses suggests that the book combines visual elements with storytelling, likely in a poetic or rhythmic manner, to entertain and engage young readers. This book is a square quarto, indicating a substantial size, and includes five sheets of text. With its hardcover format and a price of 6 marks, it was probably considered a premium item, reflecting the complexity and novelty of its design.)

English Translation: "Youthful Joys. Picture book with 10 movable (chromolithographed) images. large 4. (10 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 3.—; with gold embossing and title picture 3.50."
German Original: "Jugendfreuden. Bilderbuch m. 10 bewegl. (chromolith.) Bildern. gr. 4. (10 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 3.—; m. Goldpräg. u. Titelbild 3.50."
(This book, titled "Youthful Joys," is a vibrant and interactive picture book intended for children. It features ten movable chromolithographed images, likely offering a dynamic and engaging visual experience. Chromolithography was known for its rich, vivid colors, making the illustrations appealing to young readers. The book includes ten sheets of text, which probably provide stories or descriptions to accompany the interactive images. It's a large, hardcover book, suggesting a substantial and durable design. The standard version was priced at 3 marks, with a more ornate version featuring gold embossing and a specially illustrated title picture available for 3.50 marks, offering a touch of luxury and collectibility.)

English Translation: "Goblin Brothers. An entertaining picture book with pull-out images for well-behaved girls. 4. (5 chromolithographs with 5 sheets of text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. hardcover. cash 1.30."
German Original: "Wichtelbrüder. Ein unterhalt. Bilderbuch m. ziehbaren Bildern f. artige Mädchen. 4. (5 chromolith. m. 5 Bl. Text.) Fürth, Schaller & Kirn. geb. baar 1.30."
(This book, "Goblin Brothers," is a delightful and interactive picture book aimed at young girls. It features five pull-out images, a format that would have been quite engaging and novel at the time. The images are chromolithographed, meaning they are bright and colorful, likely capturing the whimsical nature of the goblin theme. Accompanying these images are five sheets of text, which could include stories, descriptions, or poems related to the pictures. The book is a hardcover, making it durable for frequent use. Priced at 1.30 marks, it was likely an affordable and attractive option for families looking to provide their children with entertaining and possibly educational content.)

English Translation: "War and Victory in Comic Pictures, with verses by Edmund and Klein. 8vo. (6 chromolithographs to unfold with 6 sheets of text.) Schaller & Kirm. cardboard. cash 1.30."
German Original: "Krieg u. Sieg in komischen Bildern, m. Versen v. Edmund u. Klein. 8. (6 Chromolith. zum Aufklappen m. 6 Bl. Text.) Schaller & Kirn. cart. baar 1.30."
(This book, "War and Victory in Comic Pictures," presents a humorous and likely satirical take on the themes of war and victory. It includes six chromolithographs that unfold, which suggests the images might be larger or more intricate than typical book illustrations, providing an engaging visual experience. These chromolithographs are accompanied by verses from Edmund and Klein, likely adding a narrative or poetic dimension to the illustrations. The book is in an octavo format, a common size for books, making it manageable for readers. The use of cardboard for the cover suggests it was a more affordable option, and with a price of 1.30 marks, it was likely accessible to a wide audience. This book would have been an interesting blend of art, humor, and perhaps social commentary, reflecting on the events of war and victory in a light-hearted manner.)

English Translation: "Punch and Judy, funny. Various skits in motion. (chromolithographed) pictures with 6 moving parts and nice verses for well-behaved children. large 4. Schreiber & Kirm. hardcover. cash 2.—"
German Original: "Kasperle, lustige. Schwänke Allerlei in Bewegung. (chromolith.) Bildern mit 6 bewegl. Teilen und netten Versen f. artige Kinder. gr. 4. Schaller & Kirm. geb. baar 2.—"
(This book, "Punch and Judy, funny," is a lively and interactive picture book centered around the traditional puppet characters Punch and Judy. It features various skits depicted in chromolithographed pictures, known for their vivid and colorful presentation. The book includes six moving parts, adding an interactive and dynamic element that would likely captivate children. Accompanying these illustrations are pleasant verses, tailored for well-behaved children, likely adding a narrative or moral element to the story. The large size of the book and its hardcover format suggest it was a substantial and durable item. Priced at 2 marks, it was likely a popular book among families, offering both entertainment and educational content.)

English Translation: "Bible and Prayers. Picture book with 5 movable (chromolithographed) plates. large 4. (5 sheets of text.) Schreiber & Kirm. hardcover. cash 1.75; with gilt edges. 2.25."
German Original: "Bibel u. Gebets. Bilderbuch m. 5 bewegl. (chromolith.) Taf. gr. 4. (5 Bl. Text.) Schreiber & Kirm. geb. baar 1.75; m. Goldschnitt. 2.25."
(This book, "Bible and Prayers," is a religious-themed picture book that combines spiritual content with interactive features. It includes five movable chromolithographed plates, which would have provided a visual and tactile way to engage with biblical stories and prayers. The large format and hardcover design indicate a book made for durability and frequent use. The text accompanying the images likely consists of Bible stories or prayers tailored for children. The standard version was priced at 1.75 marks, while a more ornate version with gilt edges, adding a luxurious and reverent feel, was available for 2.25 marks. This book would have been a valuable tool for religious education and storytelling for children.)

Movable books published by Schaller only after parting ways with Kirn:

Merry Hours (Translated from German book stunden frohlich) 5 movables 1887 ( No further information found)
English Translation: "Happy Years. Picture book with 5 movable (chromolithographed) images. 1888. large 4°. bound for 12. 2½ Marks.."
Original in German: "Jahre, Glückliche. Bilderbuch mit 5 bewegl. (chromolith.) Bild. 1888. gr. 4°. geb. m. 12. 2½ M.
(The "Happy Years" picture book from 1888 is an interactive children's book featuring five movable chromolithographed images, likely offering a dynamic and engaging visual experience for young readers. The book is a large quarto, indicating a substantial, easy-to-handle format, and it's a bound edition, which would contribute to its durability. It was priced at 2½ Marks.)

English Translation: Now it starts! Picture book. Casperl-Theater with 6 pull-out images. (Chromolithograph.) 1890. large 4°. bound for 12. 2½ Marks."
Original in German: Jetzt geht’s los! Bilderbuch. Casperl-Theater mit 6 ziehb. Bild. (Chromodr.) 1890. gr. 4°. geb. 12. 2½ M."
The "Now it starts! Casperl-Theater" from 1890 is another interactive picture book, this time with six pull-out chromolithographed images. It also follows the large quarto format and is bound, suggesting it was designed to be used and enjoyed over time. This book, too, was sold for 2½ Marks. The pricing and format of both books suggest that they were accessible yet quality publications intended for children's entertainment and education.)
English Translation: "Keep turning, it's beautiful to watch! Picture book with 4 turnable disk images. (Chromolithograph.) 1890. quarto. born†1 Mark."
German Original: "Weiterdrehen, es ist schön anzusehen! Bilderbuch mit 4 drehbaren Scheibenbildern. (Chromodruck.) 1890. Quart. geboren†1 Mark."
(This book, titled "Keep turning, it's beautiful to watch!" from 1890, is an interactive and visually appealing picture book. It features four turnable disk images, a unique and engaging element that likely changes or enhances the visuals as the disks are rotated. The use of chromolithography indicates that the images are colorful and vivid, providing a delightful visual experience. The quarto size signifies a large and substantial book, suitable for display and interaction. Priced at 1 Mark, this book was probably a fascinating and treasured item for children, combining artistry with interactive fun.)

English Translation: "What comes next? Picture book with 4 rotating discs! Funny in comic images, with. Verses depicted. (Chromolithograph.) 1888. large quarto. bound.†1 Mark f."
German Original: "Was kommt nun? Bilderbuch mit 4 drehenden Schei-!Langu. Lustig in komischen Bildern, mit. Versen benbild. (Chromodr.) 1888. gr. 4º. geb.†1M.f."

English Translation: "What's coming now? Picture book with 4 revolving discs. Funny and comic images with accompanying verses. (Chromolithograph.) 1888. large quarto. bound. 1 Mark."
German Original: "Was kommt nun? Bilderbuch mit 4 drehenden Scheiben. Lustige und komische Bilder mit Versen. (Chromodruck.) 1888. großes Quart. gebunden. 1 Mark."
(This picture book, titled "What's coming now?" from 1888, seems to be an engaging and entertaining children's book. It features four revolving discs, a unique interactive element that likely changes the images or adds interesting visual effects when rotated. The book is filled with humorous and comic images, accompanied by verses, which suggests a blend of visual and literary entertainment. The use of chromolithography indicates that the images are colorful and vivid. The large quarto format makes it a substantial book, and its hardcover binding suggests durability. Priced at 1 Mark, it was probably both accessible and popular among families at the time, providing a fun and interactive reading experience for children.)

English Translation: "Here we go! Picture book. Casperl-Theater with 6 drawable images. (Chromolithograph.) 1890. size quarto. +6 Marks."
German Original: "Los geht's! Bilderbuch. Casperl-Theater mit 6 ausziehbaren Bildern. (Chromodruck.) 1890. Größe Quart. +6 Mark."
(This picture book, titled "Here we go! Casperl-Theater," from 1890, features a puppet theater theme with six drawable images, likely providing an interactive and engaging storytelling experience. The images, printed using chromolithography, would be vivid and colorful, capturing the lively and whimsical nature of a puppet theater. The quarto size indicates a large format, making it suitable for shared reading or performance-like viewing. Priced at 6 Marks, this book would have been a significant purchase, reflecting the quality and novelty of its design and content. It likely served as both an entertaining and educational tool, fostering creativity and imagination in children.)

Children, keep spinning happily, I bet you'll love it! A picture book with spinning plates and nice verses for sweet children. Marked CSN 530 [Fürth, Carl Schaller, ca. 1890]. 4 o .


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