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Vintage Pop-up Book Round And Round Pictures - Movable Book 1948 Swedish pop-up book
SOLD Vintage movable pop-up book
SOLD - Cinderella - tissue paper antique pop-up book Antique Movable Fold Out book. Pleasant Surprises - Lothrop Publishing Antique Movable Book PANTOMIME TOY BOOKS
Antique Vintage Movable pop-up tissue Book - Triumph Edition Antique Movable Fold Out book
Sally Blakemore  FlameGuard - Limited edition pop-up book pop-up book antique flip book 1908 Japanese pop-up scene not book
	Kubasta Cesky Betlem Nister Movable Book Prelude To Christmas Kubasta  pop-pup book
Midget Pop-Up Book Little Black Sambo Harold Lentz The Pop-Up Pinocchio book Antique Movable Book
Kubasta Panascopic pop-up book "Flying through the Universe Kubasta Pop-up card Nister Movable Book  - Ups and Downs
Nister - The A B C Surprise Book Kubasta pop-up book  wolf and the two little pigs Paris: Hachette, (1936)
Dean & Son - Peep Show: Picture Book Animaux Comiques This is a transformation book. The "magic colored pictures" are half illustrations, which transform that portion of the picture to the second part of the verse.
Moving Picture Books movable book antique 1914 SOLD
G. Loewensohn pop-up Very rare tiny Victorian peepshow Pop Up in original envelope
Kubasta Panascopic pop-up book Mecca Antique movable Kubasta ORIGINAL 1953 NATIVITYLidov Betlem
"Loederer's Movie  Book" illustrated by DC comics first illustrator
Nister - See Saw Pictures 1913 movable book raphael tuck movable book Playtime Pictures Raphael Tuck Meadow Brook Farm - Pop-up
Minnie Mouse pop-up book Antique Peepshow tunnel book  with 9 scenes Tissue Honeycomb antique pop-up book
Antique Vintage Movable pop-up tissue Book - Triumph Edition
SOLD - Night Before Christmas - 1914 - The Moving Picture Books - Movable book antique toy turn crank panorama Antique Movable
Moving Picture Books movable book antique 1914 Vintage movable pop-up book 1800's - Dutch
Kubasta  pop-up doll book Little Eve Book Rose merton . Dean & Son dress book in french Nister - The Soldier Panorama Book - 1800's pop-up book - complete
Kubasta In The Jungle 1962 Pop-up book - Mint in original packaging with both dolls Magic Pictures Novel Transformation Scenes by Ernest Nister Grand album d’animaux comiques
Tony Sarg's Treasure Book With original BOX Dean & Son - Tuck - Dean’s Pantomime series Robinson Crusoe Dean & Son Antique Vintage Movable pop-up Book House Jack Built
SOLD Dean & Son Antique Vintage Movable pop-up  Book
peepshow - Telescopic View of the Great Exhibition, 1851 Kubasta Nativity Lidov Betlem What The Children Like
Dean & Son Extremely Rare 1867 Christmas Tunnel Book Style Pull-Out Peep-Show Capendu antique movable book Raphael Tuck The Doll's House
SOLD Antique Vintage French Movable  Book
Kubasta The Counting Series First Editon 1963-1965 - complete set movable 1883 book Great Punch Theater
J F Schreiber book Great Punch Theater Slotty book circa: 1820
SOLD Vintage movable pop-up book by Lothar Meggendorfer 1800's SOLD
Antique Movable Book Fables of La Fontaine with Moving Pictures Very rare J F Schreiber book Dean & Son - Dean's New Scenic Books #2 - Robinson Crusoe
Vintage movable pop-up book 1800's SOLD
SOLD  - 1893 COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR POP-UPSOLD - This item is for reference only, to find available movable books, see category "Books for Sale" SOLD - Jacob Behmen, The Teutonic Theosopher. Volume III. The one with 3 moveable plates - published in 1772 meggendorfer Buffalo Bill's Wilder Westen pop-up book
Questions? Notification requested when back in stock? Email us at info@vintagepopupbooks.com Antique Vintage Movable Book from the 1700's
International Circus 1800's original book