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Vintage Pop-up Book Round And Round Pictures - Movable Book Cinderella - tissue paper antique pop-up book
SOLD Vintage movable pop-up book Antique Vintage Movable pop-up tissue Book - Triumph Edition
Antique Movable Book PANTOMIME TOY BOOKS antique flip book 1908 Japanese pop-up scene not book
	Kubasta Cesky Betlem Nister Movable Book Prelude To Christmas Kubasta  pop-pup book
Kubasta Panascopic pop-up book Santa Harold Lentz The Pop-Up Pinocchio book Harold Lentz The Pop-Up Pinocchio book
Antique Movable Book Kubasta Pop-up card Nister Movable Book  - Ups and Downs
Kubasta pop-up book  wolf and the two little pigs Paris: Hachette, (1936) Dean & Son - Peep Show: Picture Book
Animaux Comiques This is a transformation book. The "magic colored pictures" are half illustrations, which transform that portion of the picture to the second part of the verse. G. Loewensohn pop-up
Moving Picture Books movable book antique 1914 SOLD SOLD
Pop Up in original envelope Kubasta Panascopic pop-up book Mecca Nister - See Saw Pictures 1913 movable book
raphael tuck movable book Playtime Pictures Minnie Mouse pop-up book Antique Peepshow tunnel book  with 9 scenes
SOLD - Night Before Christmas - 1914 - The Moving Picture Books - Movable book antique toy turn crank panorama Rarest Pop-up book
Moving Picture Books movable book antique 1914
Nister - The Soldier Panorama Book - 1800's pop-up book - complete Magic Pictures Novel Transformation Scenes by Ernest Nister Grand album d’animaux comiques
Tony Sarg's Treasure Book With original BOX Dean & Son - Tuck - Dean’s Pantomime series Robinson Crusoe peepshow - Telescopic View of the Great Exhibition, 1851
Kubasta Nativity Lidov Betlem What The Children Like Dean & Son Extremely Rare 1867 Christmas Tunnel Book Style Pull-Out Peep-Show
Raphael Tuck The Doll's House Rare1884 Movable movable 1883 book
Great Punch Theater J F Schreiber book Slotty book circa: 1820
Antique Movable Book Fables of La Fontaine with Moving Pictures Very rare J F Schreiber book Dean & Son - Dean's New Scenic Books #2 - Robinson Crusoe
Vintage movable pop-up book 1800's SOLD
SOLD  - 1893 COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR POP-UPSOLD - This item is for reference only, to find available movable books, see category "Books for Sale" International Circus 1800's original book
Antique Vintage movable pop-up book 1800's