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SOLD - Capendu - The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter - Rare French edition - movable- vovelles

The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter - Rare French edition - movable book with vovelles
Antique Vintage Movable Book The Magic Lantern

Alternative Views:

La Lanterne Magique D’ Spiridion

Ultra rare and unrecorded French edition of Frederick Warne’s 1890 English language movable book - The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter). This book is sought after not only by collectors of movable books but also by collectors of Struwwelpeter.)

Publisher: A. Capendu

Date: 1890’s - First Edition as determined by Movable Stationary article below*. Later editions had less movables and/or less text.

Edition: First and only known French edition. Corresponds to first 1890 English edition in that later English editions had either fewer movable plates or no text.*

Pages – 6 pages of text and 8 movable plates with turning discs and a round hole for the magic lantern to create up to 34 different pictures; [14] pp.

Size: 13 x 10 inches (33 x 26 cm)

Condition: – Good all original condition with no missing parts, all movable vovelle parts original, complete, and working. Fragile page edges have been reinforced on several pages. Some pages have been reattached so there are no loose pages. Original binding and spine back strip in great shape.

Collectors Corner:

Artist - The Athenaeum, J. Francis, 1896 – page 725 : tells us that the designs were by “Alfred Johnson”

*Other and Later Editions; *
According to movable book expert Theo Geilen in the Volume 5, Number 3 – September 1997 edition of Movable Stationary:

“With the same title of The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter, Wame and Co. published in 1896 a simplified edition of the earlier book. The moveable part was reduced to only 1 wheel, built in the front cover of the book and showing only 4 pictures of the girl who played with fire; the # of stories included was also reduced to 12. From this edition appeared a Dutch edition with the literally translated title De Tooverlantaarn …published in 1897 by Campagne & Zoon in Amsterdam. At the latest in 1900, but undated, the 8 pages with the embedded wheels known from the 1890 edition, were used again by Warne & Co. for a third version of The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter. Printed without text this time, the cover reads "Printed and made in Bavaria." There was also the Dutch edition of 'The Magic Lantern', 'De Tooverlantaarn', (J. Vlieger) telling the story of the Dutch equivalent of Slovenly Peter, Piet de Smeerpoes. This Dutch edition has no text, similar to the third English edition published around 1900. But copies of this edition are extremely scarce, as are all these Warne editions.” Mr. Geilen also mentioned a Russian edition with the title Steka Rastrepka (Slovenly little Steven) published in 1898 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. No mention was made in the article about a French edition. Indeed, before this copy turned up, we were unaware that a French edition had ever been made.

An excellent article on Magic Lantern Books can be found here https://www.luikerwaal.com/newframe_uk.htm?/kinderboek2_uk.htm

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Antique Vintage Movable Book with vovelles
The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter - Rare French edition - movable- vovelles