Andy Warhol Index Book - Soft Cover – MINT - New Old Stock - with all original elements in mint condition - balloon outline visible

Andy Warhol Index Book Movable
Andy Warhol Index Book - Soft Cover Mint—New Old Stock

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Andy Warhol Index Book - Soft Cover

Mint—New Old Stock—never sold. We were thrilled when a consigner in New York discovered five mint copies of the Index Book that had been stored together since the 1960s. Each copy is complete with all unused, unopened elements. The original cover price sticker is undamaged.
Being Mint, The 4 tabs that hold the two pages together containing the geodesic dome “Dodecahedron” are UNBROKEN !
The balloon pages are stuck together as usual from age, but the outline of the balloon is clearly visible on its verso page.

Publisher page: First Printing All rights reserved Published in New York by Random House, Inc and simultaneously in Toronto Canada, by Random House of Canada Limited. Produced in cooperation with Random House Inc by Graphics Internation Inc. Library of Congress Catalog card number: 67-22621 Manufactured in Japan.

11" x 8.25" - Cm 28x22

New York, NY: Random House. VG with all fine elements and original $4.95 price sticker - 1967. Stiff Wraps. 4to., unpaginated
Contains all 10 novelties in mint condition (balloon stuck)

Each copy is $790

Collector’s Corner:

Please see our fascinating article on the History of Andy Warhol’s Index Book under our website category, Movable Books History. It includes a photo of that mysterious balloon!


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