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Antique Dutch Novelty Book - removable plates embroidery book

Antique Movable Book
Embroidery Picture Book: Memories of My Youth with removable pages

Alternative Views:

Borduur Prenten Boek herinneringen aan mijne jeugd

Translates to : "Embroidery Picture Book: Memories of My Youth,"
Date Published: Circa 1900
Binding: Half linen
Condition: Very Fine
Pages: 28 pages
Illustrations: Includes 12 removable color lithographed plates
Publisher: Unknown
Language: Dutch
Additional Information: The book's highlight is a collection of 12 color lithographed prints, each meticulously designed to be taken out and used as guides for embroidery. These prints are special because they can be used for embroidery, with figures that can be embroidered within the drawn borders. There are no copies listed in the NCC (the Dutch National Library catalog) or World Cat

The text on the last page is in dutch - it translates to: Memories from my youth. Embroidery with collection folder. The general preference for colored embroidery plates has led to the publication of this work. How diligently our little ones embroider the beautiful colored plates, and how much more valuable this work becomes for them if it becomes possible to keep these plates well-arranged as a memory album! That is the purpose of the collection book of this play gift.


Product Code: A-53B