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Complete SET - 1st editions - Catechetical Scenes pop-up books. All 17 volumes with dust jackets - English 1956-1964 - Mint unused in their original vintage box from the Salesian Cathechetical Centre

Antique pop-up Books Catechetical Scenes Complete 1st edition English SET with dust jackets
Complete SET - 1st editions - Catechetical Scenes pop-up books. All 17 volumes with dust jackets - English 1956-1964 - Mint unused in their original vintage box from the Salesian Cathechetical Centre

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Catechetical Scenes. ALL 17, complete set 1st edition of Pop-up Books in English with DJ's in original box

By M. Coerezza. Hong Kong, Salesian Catechetical Centre, 1956 - 1964

Note: These are the hard to find first editions. In the first three books (Confession, part 1 and Confession - part 2 & Extreme Unction - as well as The Blessed Eucharist) published respectively in 1956, 1956, and 1957, have one or two string-pulled movable illustrations which are not found in later editions!

Complete set of all 17 volumes. Each book has it’s original Dust jacket and about 20 perfect pop-ups per volume. Some of the books include “lift the flap” and pull-string features as well as the finely cut pop-ups. The books pop-ups depict Biblical tales, sacraments of the Catholic church, morality tales, and the punishments resulting from wrongful acts.

Each book is 5.25 X 7.5 inches

Condition: Excellent. Unused. Mint with original Mint dust jackets housed in original box. All pop-ups and movables in mint unused condition. The books, like all sets, have slight warping on some pages due to humidity over the years in the monastery where they were stored. These have less than any others that we have seen however.

14 of the books are in English and 3 are in Italian. The Italian books come with a translation booklet.

1- Confession 1, 1956
2- Confession 2 & Extreme Unction 1956
3- The Words of Jesus 1957
4- Holy Church, 1957
5- Confirmation, 1957
6- Holy Mass, 1958
7- The Bread of Angels, 1958
8- Grace and Baptism, 1959
9- The Mother of God, 1959
10- Holy Orders and Matrimony, 1959
11- God and Man, 1960
12- Prayer, 1960
13- Christ our Redeemer, 1960
14- The Law of Love 1, 1961 (Italian “I Comandamenti”)
15- The Blessed Eucharist, 1964
16 -The Law of Love 2, 1964
17- The Law of Love 3, 1964

For more information on these fascinating books see Collector’s Corner below. ( As always, we encourage readers to email us info for the Collectors corner comments on each book – we update this section as we go along, so check back)

Collector’s Corner:

Very few complete sets are known to still exist. Several sets, including these, were discovered in storage in Hong Kong and were made available in the late 1990's to a few luck collectors through a monastery in the United States.

This series of books was produced to teach Roman Catholic doctrine. There were 17 volumes published. The dust jacket lists an 18th volume but it was never produced. According to a collector in Arizona, these are the only pop-up books known with a nihil obstat.
Because the books are teaching materials of the Roman Catholic Church, they have a nihil obstat and imprimatur.This designation means that there is nothing in the books that is against faith or morals. The series was published in six languages -Chinese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Note: A never published 18th volume (The Law of Love 4) is listed in old papers as being in preparation, but it was never produced.

The 17-volume series was created in 1957 by the Salesians of Don Bosco, a Roman Catholic religious institute whose primary focus is on Christian education of young people.The Catholic Encyclopedia describes the Salesian Society’s work this way: “In carrying out its principal work, instead of the old punitive or repressive system, it adopts the preventive one, thus promoting confidence and love among the children, instead of fear and hatred.”

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The Salesian Catechetical Centre also published a 3-volume series in 1967 entitled "The Mysteries of the Rosary." The titles in this series are part 1 : The Joyful Mysteries; part 2: The Sorrowful Mysteries; and part 3: The Glorious Mysteries. Each volume is Very Large! 13 x I8 inches with 14 pages and 6 pop-ups.


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Rare first editions have extra moveables - see description