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6 Eighteenth Century Peepshow cards by Martin Engelbrecht

Cutouts for Peep Show- Circa 1750 - 1830
Peepshow - Eighteenth or Nineteenth Century

Alternative Views:

Engelbrecht Peepshow - Ornamental garden with fountains and cascades

Complete series of 6 prospective die-cut copperplate engravings loose in a custom folder
9 x 13.5 cm
No date or publisher - appears to be Augsburg mid-18th Century
Identifying these cards as being by Martin Engelbrecht:
These cards are shown in the book "Martin Engelbrecht Perspektivtheater Dioramen", however they appear to be a combination of two Martin Engelbrecht peepshows.

Condition VG - Verso reinforced in the margins, all die-cut pieces intact

Collector's Corner:

Baroque gardens were a popular style of garden design during the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly in Europe, and were known for their grand and ornate designs. In Baroque gardens, water features were often a central element and were used to create dramatic visual effects, such as fountains, cascades, and reflecting pools. These water features were often surrounded by elaborate sculptures, plantings, and other architectural elements, such as pavilions and colonnades.
Given the subject matter of this peepshow, it is likely that it was produced in the 18th century, during the height of the Baroque period. Augsburg was a center for the production of peepshows during this time. Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany, with a history dating back to the Roman Empire, and is known for its rich cultural heritage and historic architecture.


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