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Dean & Son Dioramic Pages - movable tab lifting transparencies - 1869 complete

Dean & Son  Dioramic Pages - Rare and unusual movable book with beautiful effects in very good condition
Dean & Son Dioramic Pages 1869 complete and beautiful copy of fragile and rare Dean movable book

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Title: Dioramic Pages (Movable)

London: Dean & Son, 65, Ludgate Hill, E.C. [1869].

8vo, [25 x 17 cm] pp. 24 with 6 Dioramic Pages (6 chromolithograph plates), each with silk tab for lifting to the light.

Condition: Excellent - The spine has been replaced; the corners have been re-tipped; the lifting ribbons are replaced. However, all the pages and the extremely vulnerable cut tissue sheets to the rear of each printed plate are all original, intact and without damage.

Rare and unusual movable book with beautiful effects, even by today’s standards.
See photos to view how each dioramic page comes to life as it is lifted by its silk ribbon up to the light.

The title page reads: "These changing pictures, held up to the light, Will turn summer's noon, to cold winter's night; Change flowing rivers into flame and fire; Cause mountains calm to issue ashes dire; Bring fearful war on to the peaceful town; If light behind the lifted page is thrown"

Six children's stories: The Gipsy tent, or, Lost and Found --The Child and the Flowers --The Miller's Son, or the Heedless Yet Heroic -- The Blacksmith's Daughter, or Fog and Fear -- The Faithful Nurse -- The Little Drummer Boy.

Each story is illustrated with one "dioramic page" -- an illustration hinged at the bottom, to be raised up by its ribbon so that the light passes through it. At that point the second illustration hidden beneath the first becomes visible to form an enhanced scene - a lit transformation. See photos.

Later editions of this Dean & Son work are not to be found, probably because of the extremely fragile nature of this book.

Advertisements for this book describe it as ‘A new idea in Toy Books, the pictures of which are printed in Chromo colours, and can be made by holding them to the light to produce two entirely different effects.’ The Bookseller, Dec. 13, 1869, page 1196

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