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SOLD - Dean & Son Extremely Rare 1867 Christmas Tunnel Book Style Pull-Out Peep-Show

Dean & Son Extremely Rare 1867 Christmas Tunnel Book Style Pull-Out Peep-Show

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Dean & Son Peepshow Christmas Card - 1867

5" X 3.5" - 126 X 87 mm

In 1867 Dean & Son made 6 scenic effect Christmas cards. These expensive cards were promoted as having a "stage like effect". They have a ribbon pull flap on the front and also pull out to form an accordion like 5 layer peepshow. The front is adorned with gold leaf and the D. & S. London publishers imprint. The characters are die-cut by hand and pasted on, making a much more beautiful effect than if they has simply been printed on.

Excellent condition. Slight normal brown flecking on edges. Colors still bright and vibrant. Peepshow characters are all original, complete, and in fine condition. The left side of one of the four Accordion mechanisms is neatly torn almost half way in. It does not effect the operation of the peepshow. Original pull tab ribbon clean and unfrayed.

This one, #4 in the series, is the only one, despite years of searching online and elsewhere, that we have ever seen.

An ad for the series in The Publishers' Circular and General Record of British and Foreign Literature, Volume 30 1867
lists all 6 as "Scenic Christmas Cards, with stage-like effect. Sell 2d. each. 6 sorts" (This one is #4 "Children Dancing Round The Christmas Tree):

#1 - The Woodman Returning Home
#2 - Return of the Holly Gatherer
#3 - Robin Redbreast
#4 - Children Dancing Round The Christmas Tree
#5 - Chimney Sweep Eating Christmas Pudding
#6 - A Little Girl with Arms Full of Holly


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