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SOLD - Dean & Son - Tuck - Dean’s Pantomime series Robinson Crusoe 1891 theater movable book FINE - The Dean version is quite rare

Dean & Son - Tuck - Dean’s Pantomime series Robinson Crusoe

Alternative Views:

Dean’s Pantomime series Robinson Crusoe

Publisher: Dean & Son & Raphael Tuck & Sons - New York, no date – 1891*

Series: Dean's Pantomime series, no. 2 - patent number 17105

Very rare to find any title in the Dean series (as opposed to the Tuck only ones)
12 half-pages and one page pasted on to the inner side of the back cover. Cover cut in the shape of a theatre. Mounted on linen, enameled covers.

Size, 12” X 9” - 31x24 cm.

Condition - Fine - well bound, bright and clean with hardly any sign of wear

Dating this book:

In Bookseller J. Whitaker and Sons, Limited, 1891 – Bibliography – page 1179 – the 4 books in the series are mentioned as is the patent number 17105 and a description of the books.
Theo Gielen also talked about the series in a Movable Stationary article – 1999 volume 7 page 12. ; “ for this last category listing the 1891 Swedish editions of the “Dean's Pantomime Series” of shaped theatrical books: Askungen, Robinson Crusoe, Lila Ròdkappan and Skònheten och odjuret (Cinderella,Robinson Crusoe, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty & The Beast, known also in French, Dutch and American (McLoughlin) versions.”

Collector’s Corner:

There were 4 in the series:

#1 Cinderella

#2 Robinson Crusoe

#3 Little Red Riding Hood

#4 Beauty and The Beast


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