The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter - Rare Dutch edition - movable via volvelle - 1897

The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter - Rar eDutch edition - movable book with vovelle
De Tooverlantaarn Struwelpeter, Dutch edition of "The Magic Lantern Struwwel-Peter" Movable Book

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De Tooverlantaarn Struwelpeter

Scarce Dutch edition of Warne's "The Magic Lantern Struwwel-Peter"

Movable Book - No publishing information included in the book

From references shown below: Y
ear of publication: [1897]
11.75” X 9.75” 29.85 cm x 24.77 cm 12 pages


The cover has a turning wheel that reveals various scenes through an open round window on the cover.

Condition: VG - see photos.
movable cover wheel works and all pages are clean and undamaged

Collectors Corner:

Struwelpeter" is a well-known German children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann, and "De tooverlantaarn" translates to "The Magic Lantern," More about this particular book:

PJ Buijnsters and Leontine Buijnsters-Smets, Lust and Leering. History of the Dutch children's book in the nineteenth century . Waanders, Zwolle 2001 states:

Two mobile 'Struwwelpeters' deserve a special mention for their subject De Tooverlantern Struwelpeter by Rosa (Amsterdam, H . Campagne & Son, [1897]), with turntable and rhymed text after The Magic Lantern (page 29) and then :The Magic Lantern Struwelpeter. Retold by Rosa (Amsterdam, H. Campagne & Son, [1897]). folio, with turning mechanism. ( page 55)

From "Movable Stationery, Volume 5, Issue 3, 1997." Archive.org, 1997, https://archive.org/stream/movablestatione531997mova/movablestatione531997mova_djvu.txt.:

In the year 1890, Frederick Wame & Co., based in London and New York, released a movable book titled "The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter." This publication focused on a magic lantern show. In 1896, Wame and Co. released a more streamlined version of the earlier publication titled "The Magic Lantern Struwwelpeter." This edition simplified the design, incorporating just one wheel within the front cover to display four images of the girl playing with fire, and narrowed down the content to twelve stories : Following this, a Dutch version titled "De Tooverlantaarn Struwwelpeter" emerged in 1897. Authored by "naverteld door Rosa"—this edition was brought to the public by Campagne & Zoon in Amsterdam.

History of the Publishing company:

Founded in 1818 by Cornelis Campagne in Tiel, the publishing house became renowned for a wide range of well-crafted children's books published between 1872 and 1914. Early on, it split into separate entities focused on printing and publishing, - Publisher HCA Campagne was renamed HCA Campagne en Zoon and the first children's book was published under that name in 1872:. Campagne en Zoon, distinguished itself through high-quality children's literature, often featuring chromolithographs. The legacy of the Campagne publishing house, particularly its contribution to children's literature, was celebrated in an exhibition titled "The Magic Cabinet of Campaign Tiel," showcasing "100 forgotten children's books."

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An excellent article on Magic Lantern Books can be found here https://www.luikerwaal.com/newframe_uk.htm?/kinderboek2_uk.htm

We also highly recommend the book :
Reiner Rühle: „Böse Kinder“. Kommentierte Bibliographie von Struwwelpetriaden und Max-und-Moritziaden mit biographischen Daten zu Verfassern und Illustratoren. Wenner, Osnabrück, Band 1: 1999, ISBN 3-87898-357-3; Band 2: 2019 ISBN 978-3-87898-422-1.

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The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter - Rare French edition - movable- vovelles
The Magic Lantern – Struwwelpeter - Rare French edition - movable- vovelles