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De Familie Vierkant - Poppetjes Van Papier (The Square Family Paper Figures) 1914 cut-out and set up book

Antique Movable Book
Antique 1914 cut-out and set up movable book

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De Familie Vierkant - Poppetjes Van Papier
(The Square Family Paper Figures)

Hans van Houten, Scheltens and Giltay, Amsterdam

oblong (33 x 43 cm) - Softcover book, stapled as issued.

1914 - Listed in the Brinkman catalog 1911 to 1915 list of books, page 169 and advertised in the Leiden newspaper, November 19, 1914 as NIEUW – 2 Series at 60 cts. - Although in this book, someone has written 2016.

Rare cut-out book with 6 cut-outs of figures: Mr. Vierkant, Mrs. Vierkant, Little Vierkant and his dog, Major Parmantig, Dorus the keeper of Major Parmantig - and Kobus Zwartneus, the skinny Chimney.

Good condition with all cut-outs uncut, complete, and in excellent shape. Edges of paper chipped at some points. Only middle staple still holding book together firmly. See photos.

Collectors Corner:

The first page gives instructions in Dutch on how to assemble the square family. See photos for Dutch. Below is the loose translation:

The above figures can be produced easily by the children.
One bending of the staples in the back on the back of this book. Whereupon the blades, separately,can be removed. With each blade can then be assembled to any one of the above figures.Cut out the different characters along the outer lines. Be careful as you go with a sharp knife along the dotted lines without entirely cutting, so that one can easily fold the figures along these lines. In compiling the figures, it is precisely the EXT letters and numbers. One beginning with FIG H,then B, etc. Figure fits Figure B etc., while still SAME numbers in the different figures togethermust be pasted. So should eg., After on page I (Mr Square) Figure B (head) is finished, the numbers 5 and 6 Figure B are attached in the figures 5 and 6 in Figure C, etc.

Figures are ready, loose limbs are attached with string to. by, after first at the indicated
places with a needle having a hole made there by stabbing a string with the needle through and then making some knots. BEFORE pasting the poor. may establish one's hands in there. The two halves of the hands are first glued together and then stabbed in the arms by the gleufie as indicated.HIS Figures are ready. they can be opened and thus additionally serve as boxes for
surprises, etc.

N.B. nanbevelinq deserves when pasting especially e: and good adhesive. it soon dries to use. One of the best adhesives is zg.n. Such a good glue can be obtained at every drugstore. Put a piece of soft glue in a little water and let it float an hour until soft. Thereafter one does the piece of glue in a stone jar and pour out any hot water water. They now put it on and light * (Eg. Tea light) and after stirring a few times. the hot melt adhesive is ready for use.


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