Father Time - Toy Book London S.W. Partridge & Co - movable clock on cover 1904

Father Time - Toy Book  London S.W. Partridge & Co movable clock on cover 1904
Father Time - Toy Book from 1904 with a movable clock face on the cover

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Title: Father Time - Toy Book

London S.W. Partridge & Co, Printed in Holland

Publication Date: 1904*

A delightful and rare mechanical toy book by S.W. Partridge, titled "Father Time." This book features glossy boards with a beautifully printed cover, including a clock face with movable hands. Published in 1904 or earlier and printed in Holland, this charming piece measures 11 by 9 inches and contains 14 pages of text and colorful illustrations depicting children playing throughout the months of the calendar year.

The book is intact with pages in good shape, and the clock hands move as intended. There is slight bending on the upper right corner and some chipping on the lower left front board. See photos.

* Historical Note:
This book is listed in the "S.W. Partridge Catalogue of Popular Illustrated Books, 1904." It is noteworthy for being the only mechanical book listed without an asterisk, indicating it was not new in 1904. This suggests it was published earlier and highlights its scarcity. To quote the catalog:

Catalog Excerpt:
β€œONE SHILLING TOY BOOKS. Father Time. A Novel Mechanical Toy Book. Cover tastefully printed in colours. Contains beautifully reproduced illustrations of the games played during each month of the year; also clock-dial with real hands.”

Rarity: "Father Time" is an exceptionally rare find, Note the absence of other copies in online databases and libraries

Collector's Corner:

S W Partridge & Co was located at 9, Paternoster Row, London

Samuel William Partridge (1810-1903) hailed from London, England and commenced his professional journey in the printing industry as a reader at "Woodfall & Kinder." Later, he teamed up with Mr. Daniel Oakley to establish the company "Partridge & Oakley." Following the dissolution of their partnership, he restructured the business and renamed it "S. W. Partridge & Co." Mr. S. W. Partridge eventually retired in 1882. The the company continued after he retired until at least 1904.

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