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Dean & Son - Visit To The Farm Dean’s Scenic Series. No. 1 - German edition - 1890's Pop-Up Book

Antique Pop-up Book Dean & Son
Dean & Son Antique Vintage Movable Book - A Visit to the farm

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Item Description

Ferienzeit Auf Dem Lande

Pop-up Book

This is the German edition of "On The Farm" Dean & Son's 1899 scenic series (see collector's corner below)

Published by : Verlag von Carl Hirsch Konstanz Germany and Emmishofen Switzerland

No date, but research* indicates it was published in 1899.

One large 4 - Layered detailed die-cut pop-up in center depicting cows, ducks, chickens, and pigs in the country

Circa: 1899 - no copyright date - but see below*

Condition: Fine. No writing, no tears, some wear to binding but still tightly bound. The Pop-up scene is perfect. There is some browning on the back cover. There is a small name neatly written in pencil on the front cover.

Very rare Dean & Son pop-up book, no other copies online but a collector friend in the UK was kind enough to photograph his copy of the English version pictures below in collector's corner.

We could find no record of this book other than 2 actual listings for it in 1900 and 1903 book reference guides. (see below*).
Ppage 808 in Vierteljahrs-katalog der neuigkeiten des deutschen buchhandels nach den ...By J. C. Hinrichs Verlag on page (Which translates to: Quarter-year catalog of the German book trade news). The reference book reviews German books published that quarter. Since this reference book was dated 1900 - actual entry says Ferienzeit auf dem Lande, gr, 4°. (9 S. m, z, Tl. färb. Abbildgn. u. 4 ausgestanzten Vis» bildern zum Aufstellen.) Konstanz, C. Hirsch. g, 4 °. (9 p. m, z, Tl colorless. Abbildgn. Punched and 4 colored pictures for display.) Konstanz C. Hirsch

Another book (printed in German in 1903) entitled (translated):
Christian Gottelob Kayser’s Books encyclopedia containing all of 1750 to the end of the year 1832- 1902 in Germany and neighboring countries, printed books) complete,
also references this book on page 201: Ferienzeit auf dem Lande. 4. (9 S. m. Abb. u. 4 ausgestanzten Buntbildern.) Konstanz 1900. C. Hirsch

We assume that the 4 colored pictures for display indicated in these references refer to the 4 colored pictures that make up the pop-up display in the center of the book (it is a 4 picture layer pop-up).

A wonderful opportunity to own an exceedingly rare antique pop-up book in fine condition.

Collector's Corner:

Image provided by another collector of the English Title:

See other listings on our website for #4 of this series. Our copy of Cinderella is in English and marked “Dean & Son, Limited" Fleet Street.

Only the first one (this one in English), Visit To The Farm, is listed in
Montanaro but research finds that there were 4 books published in this series*:

#1 Visit To the Farm

#2 Red riding Hood

#3 Three Bears

#4 Cinderella

*The Publishers' Circular and Booksellers' Record of British and Foreign Literature, Volume 73 - 1900 - page 423


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Dean & Son Antique Vintage Movable Book