German pop-up book. Grosse Menagerie, Lebende Bilder aus der Thierwelt 1882 Fair

German pop-up book. Grosse Menagerie, Lebende Bilder aus der Thierwelt
German pop-up book. Grosse Menagerie, Lebende Bilder aus der Thierwelt

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Vienna: Moritz Perles 1882
Art by Theodor von Pichler
8 chromo lithographed pop-up scenes of animals at the zoo (lion, ostriches, giraffes, flamingos, monkeys, bears, elephant, tiger)
Scenes pull up with Ribbons from the text sheet below.

Condition - Please see photos. The pop-ups all appear to be in complete and original condition except that the tiger page is apart and missing the top frame, there is a small flamingo missing, and there are some bars missing. All the animal scenes are in great shape. Some of the text is missing or taped - see pictures of each page. Other professional restorations appear to be the reinforcement of pages and repaired binding. Boards have been reinforced - see photos - Pages are not loose except for tiger.

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Collector's Corner:
It's believed that the images in this book were inspired by the world's oldest zoo still in operation - Schönbrunn Zoo (German: Tiergarten Schönbrunn; also simply called Vienna Zoo). During the time that this book was published, Schönbrunn Zoo was regarded as one of the most beautiful zoos in the world.
Moritz Perles published a similar pop-up style book in 1888 titled "Singhalesen und Sudanesen aus fernen Landen“ also illustrated and written by Pichler.

Little is known about the artist:
Theodor von Pichler (born Vienna 1832. Date of death unknown). studied at the Art Academy in Milan. Ream 775.17 He is most famous for his transparent picture book - Verwandlungsbilder zu sechs der schonsten Marchen.
About the publisher: Located at Seilergasse 4 in the esteemed 1st district of Vienna, it was founded by Moritz Perles (December 15, 1844 in Prague – February 25, 1917). It was a sought-after sales source for both German and foreign-language publications.

Perles acquired his knowledge of the book trade under the tutelage of J. Schalek between 1858 and 1862. He then honed his skills during a ten-month tenure at J. Bensheimer in Mannheim before making his way to Vienna in 1862. For the next seven years, Perles diligently served at the renowned Becksche court and university bookshop. It was during this time that the ambitious Perles embarked on his publishing career, taking charge of the editing process for the Austro-Hungarian bookseller's address book in 1866. In 1869, armed with modest resources, Perles established his own bookshop, which started out in a humble manner. Yet, over time, the business experienced remarkable growth.

In 1869, Moritz Perles expanded his enterprise to include a publishing house. He would have two locations in Steindlgasse Vienna before the company went out of business in 1938.

After Moritz Perles's death on 25 February 1917, his two sons took over the company.

The company was in business until 1938 when tragically, like other great publishing companies run by Jewish families Under Nazi rule, they were forced out of business. On 30 September 1938, the Reichsschrifttumskammer (Reich Literature Chamber) in Berlin liquidated the company, and it was closed by the Gestapo in October 1938. The company was forcibly "Aryanized" and sold to the Hollinek printers.

Tragically, numerous family members fell victim to the horrors of concentration camps, while some managed to escape and find refuge in countries like the United States.

In a poignant gesture initiated by Murray Hall from the University of Vienna, a commemorative plaque was unveiled on March 23, 1998, at the former shop located on Seilergasse. The inscription on the plaque serves as a reminder of the history that unfolded within those walls:

The Moritz Perles publishing house was located in this house until March 1938
In memory of all Jewish booksellers and publishers in Vienna
whose lives and existence were
destroyed after the"Annexation" of Austria
edicated by Main Association of the Austrian Book Trade.


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