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Kubasta – Pop-Up Diorama – Liberation of Prague - original 1975

Kubasta – Pop-Up Diorama – Liberation of Prague - original 1975
rare Kubasta 3-D war scene

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Kubašta, Vojtěch

Kubasta – Pop-Up Diorama – Liberation of Prague

(Praha- Diorama ABC - Květen 1945 - Boj a Vitězstvi)

Fine original 1975 uncut condition (Note we have a copy set up just to show how it looks set up in the first 3 photos. Your copy will be the original fine uncut one shown in image 4)

In 1975 Kubasta designed this diorama and inserted it into a Czech kids Magazine. It was not available anywhere else and is extremely rare to find.

The diorama represents the liberation of Prague in 1945, Kubasta designed it to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Prague.

As with the other Kubasta dioramas and stand up nativities, the child was to cut and glue the pieces together to form the pop-up diorama. This one is uncut! The first image is included to show you how it looks once the child puts it together, all of these originally came uncut.

Note: The pop-up lady has a photo of this pop-up set up on her site:


The scene is set close to the Old Town Hall polozničené . Between the background and the front frame is the middle part, which can be turned to the other side to completely change the picture – turn to the side dated 05/05/1945 to view fierce street fighting , or turn to the other side to view a scene from 09/05/1945 depicting cheering crowds and Soviet soldiers on a tank. . Note: It appears that the date on the diorama ( 9/5/1945) was transposed as it should read 5/9/1945.*

*History of the Liberation: By 1945, Czechoslovakia had endured seven years of Nazi rule. On May 5, 1945 Czech citizens rose up against the Germans. 3 days of street fighting ensued. On May 8, The Nazis accepted the surrender of the guerrillas as they had crushed the uprising. The next day - on May 9, 1945 - the Red Army entered Prague. The city was saved and Czechs were crying happily and cheering on the streets. Many kissed the hands of Soviet soldiers. The war was, now, finally over.


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