Meggendorfer - Internationaler Circus - original German edition 1887

International Circus 1800's original book
Meggendorfer - Internationaler Circus - Rare original German edition

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Internationaler Circus – Rare First German edition of Lothar Meggendorfer’s International Circus

Verlag von J.F. Schreiber in Esslingen bei Stuttgart, 1887 /1891

Internationaler Circus features rings of pop-ups and 6 fold-downs four tiers deep. The book opens into a semi-circle to show a ring of circus scenes activated by pull-tabs including a 22-piece orchestra, clowns, horse riders, trapeze artists and an audience of 450 individual characters.

Closed 13 x 9 inches; 330 x 225mm; opens out to 13 inches x 6 feet or 330 x 1405mm

Condition details: Good - All pop-up pull-downs are complete and in working shape. We found 3 small facsimiles. Issues listed below:

Some of the pieces were torn and were re-attached on the back with scotch tape. They include:
Pull Down 1 - Legs of acrobat re-attached

Pull down 2 - pull down is loose from page and there are tape stains where someone tried to tape it in place years ago. The clown's arm has been re-attached. A man's head has been re-attached. the clown head and the fairy's feet are facsimiles.

Pull down 3 - The donkey was re-attached with some glue residue at its feet and slight paper loss on one of his hooves. The jesters head was re-attached.

Pull down 4 - One of the 9 musicians in the background of pull down #4 has a replacement head facsimile. Red reigns are in great shape.

Pull down 5 - Window pane has some odd glue residue. Acrobats legs re-attached with some paper loss on the legs (see photo)

Pull down 6 - Ballerina head and feet reattached. mans legs, head, and arm re-attached. (see photos)

Binding - Very good- of the 4 bindings, only the 4th has a small 2" split.

We are happy to send more photos. All books returnable withn 14 days if not delighted for any reason.

Collectors Corner:
Ads on back indicate first 1887 edition. Collector's invited to weigh in on publishing date email: [email protected]
About International Circus:
"It staggers the imagination," says Maurice Sendak. "When it is all assembled, it is ravishing. The color, excitement and delirium of the circus are all there and the three-dimensional effect is breathtaking.... Circus is one of my finest treasures."


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