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SOLD - Nister - Large 1895 Pop-up Book - What The Children Like - Fine

What The Children Like

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What the Children Like

NISTER, Ernest / F.E. Weatherly: Introduction

Published by E.P. Dutton, N.Y. .& Ernest Nister, London, .n.d. (1897)

Large – Folio cloth spine pictorial boards - 32 cm x 25.5 cm - 32 pages including 5 double page pop-ups

Condition - Near Fine. All 5 pop-ups are all original, complete, without damage, and working properly. Covers as well as the brown cloth spine show little wear. Pages have general age yellowing of the paper but this does not distract from the aesthetics of the charming drawings and text throughout.Some pages have been reattached. The book is tight. All parts of the book are original not needing repairs. The fly sheets are in good condition with a nice gift inscription "Marler-Malcohm Lowell Tuner from Grandma, Christmas ' 97."Interesting note concerning current attitudes: Whip would be considered improper and a game with a fumbling blind man unacceptable as fun.) However, Nister depicts all such aspects as innocent joyful games of the time.

The title page, a pen-and-ink drawing by Hilda Robinson, depicts a group of children enjoying a game of Oranges and Lemons. The lower corner has a small tear repaired. The book contains verses by Fred E. Weatherfly, C. Bingham and F.F.Seveme and illustrations throughout E.S. Hardy, E. Lance, E.B. Stanley Montefiore, H.M. Bennet and M. Angell,

There are five colorful pop-up scenes of children's activities, farmyard and other animals.

All pop-ups in fine condition include:

1. The background depicts several barns in a farmyard. In the first pop-up a large horse pulls a full hay loaded cart with two children sitting on top, several cows and calves move around, and a smiling lady works at a water pump with bucket. The top pop-up is a yard of grass and hay full of many chickens, chicks and ducks.

2. Background a country lane with a house and fields. A young boy and girls are running with the girl wearing a bridle pretending to be a horse while the boy runs behind holding the bridle rope and lifting high a long whip. But their happy smiles let you know it is only a game. The first pop-up is two children riding ponies with a dog nearby. The top pop-up depicts a boy pushing a girl in wheelbarrow with a dog running alongside and two children on bicycles. All are handsomely dressed, wearing hats and smiles in assurance they are having great fun.

3. The background depicts a Victorian drawing room with a mother and small child observing children playing Blind Man's Bluff. The first pop-up depicts a boy with a blinder around his eyes as he fumbles to reach someone in the ring of 10 laughing, playful children surrounding him. The top pop-up is of a young girl helping a toddler stand waving its arm with a jumping puppy nearby. The many rich colors of the children's clothing add to the vivaceous energy of the scene.

4. Background is a long line of trees and a calm lake. There are 3 layers of pop-ups. The first pop-up shows two girls, a boy and a calf in a boat. One girl stands pushing the boat with a pole while the other sits holding the rope of the standing calf. The boy sits in the middle. Two swans swim nearby. The middle pop-up is a boy sitting on a wooden pier, fishing with ducks nearby. The top pop-up is of a mother duck carefully watching six young ducklings swimming nearby. The entire setting is peaceful and calm in comparison to the two previous pop-ups full of highly active children.

5. In a very different subject yet still a peaceful, calming scene a group of deer looking out at you. The background is a wooded area with two deer standing in the ferns. The first pop-up depicts two does and their young while the top pop-up depicts a large handsome antlered stag looking straight at you as if in calm protection of the other animals. An unexpected scene from the other pop-ups but a lovely and peaceful setting as the animals calmly focus on you in a quiet fearless way. The deep greens of the landscape and brown hues of the animals enrich the serenity of the scene. Even here Nister depicts the characteristic version of a pleasing, idealistic world that dominates his work.




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