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Raphael Tuck - Slotty Panorama book samples - one of a kind bespoke custom advertising piece or salesman sample

Father Tuck's Meadowsweet Farm Panorama book Panorama
Rare Salesmans Sample for Raphael Tuck slotty Panorama Books

Alternative Views:

Unmarked Advertising book or Salemans Sample with 4 different Raphael Tuck slotty panorama boards

Truly unique - 4 panels obviously by Raphael Tuck are bound into one plain board book. The 4 panels are from different Tuck panorama books. Each panel has figures which fit into their corresponding slots.

(At first glance it could have been panels from 4 books taken and bound into one - but binding is apparently original not a secondhand job). The only marking is a stamp from JJ Rehbach, Regensburg.
Scene 4 - same scene and characters as in Raphael Tucks With Father Tuck at the circus: panorama
Scene 3 - Same scene and characters as in With Father Tuck, at the seaside panorama
Scene 2 - Same scene and characters as 1st scene in Father Tuck's Panorama Fairy Stories. Little red riding Hood, Snow White, and Rose Red
Scene 1 - Same scene and characters as the 1stscene from Father Tuck's Panorama Buttercup Farm

Condition: Excellent - Scenes are bright clean, all original, containing all the original slot figures with none missing. All figures are in fine original condition.

30cm x 27cm 11" X 12.5"

Dating this piece:
This particular JJ Rehbach logo was used between 1900 and 1918

Collectors Corner:

It is unknown why this piece bears a Rehbach stamp.
The Rehbach pencil manufacturing enterprise dates back to 1834, situated on Marschallstrasse adjacent to Ägidienplatz in Regensburg. It was located within the premises of the "New German House," Johann Jakob Rehbach (1774-1849) initiated the business. Afterwards taken over by his son, Johann Michael Rehbach (1809 - 1859) and Johann Christoph Rehbach (1805 - 1884), The business continued as a family venture until 1934.
By 1869, the factory's workforce had grown to 300, and with an annual output of 21 million pencils, it earned the distinction of being the second-largest pencil producer in Germany. Their pencils were so famous that even King Maximilian II checked out the factory.

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