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Robinson Crusoe - Agatha's Pantomime Prentenboeken no. 2 - Dutch movable book edition of Dean's Pantomime Series

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Robinson Crusoe - Agatha's Pantomime Prentenboeken no. 2 - Dutch movable book editiion of Dean's Pantomime Series

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Robonson Crusoe - Agatha's Pantomime Prentenboeken no. 2

Agatha (Reinoudina de Goeje)
Amsterdam, Jacs. G. Robbers, (1893).

With chromolithograph cover plates by L. van Leer & Co. in Haarlem and short captions in prose by Agatha

Size, 12” X 9” - 31x24 cm. Mounted on linen, enameled covers. 2x[7] p

Description: This die-cut book has two spines connected to the back cover so that the book can stand up stage style with the orchestra in front and "side wings" to make a theater triptych.

Condition: Excellent condition and complete with no damage to movables - see photos - slight tear on back cover - see photos

Note - This is the Dutch edition of Dean's Pantomime Series

Collector’s Corner:

There were 4 in the series in English by Dean & Son: (See our virtual museum for a copy of Dean's Robinson Crusoe)
#1 Cinderella
#2 Robinson Crusoe
#3 Little Red Riding Hood
#4 Beauty and The Beast

According to Klingberg page 21, Theo Gielen stated that Dean’s Pantomime Series were also issued in Swedish, French and Dutch.

In Dutch:
Agatha's pantomime prentenboeken. No.1. Asschepoetster Amst., Jac. G. Robbers (Cinderella)
Agatha's pantomime prentenboeken. No.2. Robinson Crusoë. (Amsterdam 1893), Jac. G. Robbers
Agatha’s Pantomime Prentenboeken nr. 3 Roodkapje. (Amsterdam 1893). Jac. G. Robbers
Agatha's pantomime prentenboeken. No.4. Bella en de Beer. (Amsterdam 1893). Jac. G. Robbers, n.d. (±1893) (Translates as Bella and the Bear but it’s Beauty and the Beast)

Note that the Dutch editions were Dean & Son books translated by Reinoudina de Goeje (1833 – 1893), also known under her pseudonym Agatha – hence the title page reference to “Agatha”. As Agatha, Reinoudina published books made from translations of children's books from French, German and English.

Theo Gielen also talked about the series in a Movable Stationary article – 1999 volume 7 page 12. ; “ for this last category listing the 1891 Swedish editions of the “Dean's Pantomime Series” of shaped theatrical books:
#1 Askungen, (Cinderella)
#2 Robinson Crusoe,(Robinson Crusoe)
#3 Lila Ròdkappan (Little Red Riding Hood)
#4 Skònheten och odjuret ( Beauty & The Beast)

They were also issued in French and in American (McLoughlin) versions.

KB-National Library, ‘Beauty and the Beast’: https://www.kb.nl/themas/kinderboeken-en-strips/s...
Books dated via: Brinkman's catalogus van boeken en tijdschriften, Volume 1 1891 - page 11


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