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S Hildesheimer & Co Antique Mechanical Pop-Up card 1880's Fine

S Hildesheimer & Co Antique Mechanical Pop-Up card
Hildesheimer antique pop-up card

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S Hildesheimer & Co Antique Mechanical Pop-Up card

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Intricate and beautiful 1880’s pop-up card by S Hildesheimer

Beautiful complete condition. Delicate and intricate pop-up is raised by original ribbons. Easel string broken on back (see photo) does not affect scene. Ladies upper torso has an invisible repaired tear. Complete, working, all original parts.

thick heavy covers measure 4.7" X 3.1" or 11.6 cm X 8cm
Double page pop-up measures 3.5 inches tall and 6" across

We have researched S Hildesheimer mechanical cards and believe that this one is perhaps entitled “In The Highlands” and was likely produced in 1884. Cards fitting this description were described in an 1884 reference as among those made by “sparing no care or cost.” and “the choicest novelty of the season” The pop-up depicts a hunt scene in front of a castle. It is also possible that this one was made in 1882 due to this description in The British Trade Journal and Export World - Volume 20 , 1882 - where they state: “ The mechanical cards, in which castles, trees, houses, churches, and wedding parties can be unfolded in the most wonderful manner from a flat surface…these are of special delight to children”

Collector’s Corner:

Siegmund Hildesheimer & Co was founded in 1867 and were originally based in Manchester, England and by 1881 were also working from London. Trade directory for 1883 lists them as “merchants and manufacturers of gilt mouldings; publishers of oleographs, chromos and Christmas cards”, with premises at 62 Dantzic Street and 63 Miller Street, Manchester as well as 14 & 15 Silk Street, London. Mr Hildesheimer sold the business in 1887 for 100,000 pounds in order to retire – but stayed on as an officer for a few more years. At the time of the sale the company became S. Hildesheimer & Co Limited and continued in business until it was liquidated in 1927. Cards without the Ltd. Or Limited after the S Hildesheimer & Co can be dated before 1887.

Siegmund Hildesheimer & Co was founded in 1867 - The Statist, Volume 19 1887 – page 220

Liquidation: Advertiser's weekly, Volume 56, Issues 749-761 1927 page 209

In the Highlands - The Congregationalist, Volume 13 by Robert William Dale, James Guinness RogersHodder and Stoughton, 1884 – page 96

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Antique pop-up card