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Antique Peepshow tunnel book with original slipcase - "The Nordic Industrial, Agricultural and Arts Exhibition" 1888

Antique Peepshow tunnel book with original slipcase
Peepshow - with original fine slipcase. Souvenir of The Nordic Exhibition of Industry, Agriculture, and Art that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1888.

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Peepshow - with original slipcase

Title: Den Nordiske Industri-Landbrugs of Kunst-Udstilling i Kiobenhavn 1888
Translation: "The Nordic Industrial, Agricultural and Arts Exhibition" in Copenhagen 1888

Author: COPENHAGEN - Güllich, S. W.
Lithographer: C. Simonsen lith.
Publisher: Otto B. Wroblewski

6" X 5" - 123 ×150 mm - Extends to 43 cm

Very rare souvenir from the 1988 Great Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen. It features a series of six panels depicting different scenes from the exhibition, with each panel containing a small viewing hole for the viewer to peer through. The scenes depicted included various exhibits of agricultural and industrial machinery, as well as displays of art and handicrafts.

Front and back panels plus 4 more panels (6 total) create an intricate peepshow scene when pulled out by bellows - see photos

The die-cuts and bellows are in fine all original condition. The Slipcased and Cover of peepshow have some wear - see photos.
The cellophane covering the peep hole is perfectly intact.

Collector's Corner:

This Peepshow is of historical significance.
The Nordic Exhibition of Industry, Agriculture, and Art was a major international exhibition that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1888. The exhibition was intended to showcase the best products and achievements of the five Nordic countries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland - and was a significant cultural and commercial event in the region.
The exhibition was organized by a committee of representatives from the participating countries and was held in a specially constructed complex of buildings known as the Nordic Exhibition Hall. The exhibition featured a wide range of displays and exhibits, including artwork, handicrafts, industrial products, agricultural machinery, and scientific and technological innovations.
The exhibition was a huge success, attracting more than 1.3 million visitors over the course of several months. It was seen as a showcase of Nordic culture and achievement and helped to promote trade and cultural exchange between the participating countries. Today, the exhibition is remembered as a significant event in Nordic history and culture, and many of the exhibits and artifacts from the event are preserved in museums and collections around the world. Similar exhibitions were held later in Stockholm in 1893 and Malmö in 1914.
About the publisher:

Otto Bernhard Wroblewski (1827-1907) was a Danish bookseller and publisher. He was born in Copenhagen and started his career as a bookseller's apprentice. In 1849, he became a partner in a bookselling and publishing company, which was later known as "Wroblewski and Mahler".
Wroblewski was a prolific publisher and played an important role in the Danish book trade. He published books on a wide range of subjects, including history, literature, science, and art. He also published maps, prints, and other printed materials.
In addition to his publishing activities, Wroblewski was also involved in cultural and civic organizations. He was a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and served as chairman of the Danish Booksellers' Association. He also supported various charitable causes, such as the Danish Cancer Society.
Wroblewski died in 1907 at the age of 80, leaving behind a legacy as one of Denmark's most important publishers and booksellers of the 19th century.


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