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Antique Peepshow SOLD Tunnel Book - Netherlands - Maliebaan in Utrecht – 1842

Antique Peepshow tunnel book - Netherlands - Maliebaan in Utrecht – 1842
Antique Peepshow tunnel book - Netherlands - Maliebaan in Utrecht – 1842

Alternative Views:

Peepshow Netherlands - Maliebaan in Utrecht – 1842 - “Keuring der Paarden”

This peepshow is pictured in “Paper Peepshows by Jacqueline Jonathan Gestetner page 223

Accordian hard cover pull-out peepshow with 3 die-cut panels. 160 x 210 MM which pulls out to 450 MM
This peepshoe originally came with a plain pink slipcase - it is not included here
Excellent all original condition without tears or damage.

The main illustration showcases a scene of horses being evaluated before a race. Looking through the peepshow, viewers find themselves on Maliebaan in Utrecht, a distinguished avenue since 1637, lined with pathways and known for hosting paille-maille and military gatherings. At the center of this scene is the Maliehuis, a tavern that was a focal point for enthusiasts of the sport and remains standing today.

Research by Jacqueline Jonathan Gestetner (page 223) reveals that this peepshow is linked to a piece titled 'Keuring der Paarden,' or 'Examination of the Horses' in English. This artwork was crafted by A. Verhoesen, who not only created the original but also completed the engraving, while Houtman was responsible for the lithography. A version of this piece is held in the Utrecht City Archives.

Dating this Peepshow:
The Utrecht City Archives has identified the scene depicted in the peepshow as the 'harddraverij,' a specific type of trotting race that took place on May 10, 1842. Situated in Utrecht, the Archives (Het Utrechts Archief, HUA) safeguard a vast collection detailing the history of both the city and province of Utrecht, including a wide array of visual documents such as prints, drawings, maps, and photographs, alongside approximately 70,000 publications. This makes it an invaluable resource for those delving into the region's history. They note that the image in question aligns with the date of a peepshow depicting a harness racing event on the Maliebaan, indicating the print's use for this specific event (HA T 42.4).


R. Hyde, Paper Peepshows. The Jacqueline and Jonathan Gestetner Collection (Woodbridge: The Antique Collectors' Club, 2015) page 223


Product Code: P-2C