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Movable Slice Book - Lustige Zoologie Ein Verwandlungsbilderbuch

Lustige Zoologie
Anique Movable german slice book by JF Schreiber

Alternative Views:

Lustige Zoologie Ein Verwandlungsbilderbuch

(Funny Zoology Transformation picture book)

Esslingen (Schreiber), around 1935 - printed on cover "J.F.S. NR. 65"

Dedication in front dated 1936

7.5” X 5.25”

Rare - We can find no other copies online or in libraries worldwide

Lustige Zoologie Ein Verwandlungsbilderbuch is a German flap or slice book published by J.F. Schreiber around 1935. The book features 20 leaves cut in two, allowing the reader to mix and match the various animal parts to create funny and whimsical creatures. The cover of the book is marked with "J.F.S. NR. 65," which is likely a reference to the book's publication number. The 20 leaves are cut in two to allow the reader to make funny pictures.

Condition – Very Good. Slight chipping on binding, very slight cover warping. Browning around edges. (See photos) All movable slices present, working, and in great condition.


Product Code: A-4

Antique Vintage Movable Book - from Germany