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Dutch Movable Book c. 1916 - ALS DE DIEREN KONDEN SPREKEN! - With Movable Plates - Dutch edition of Fun In The Forest by Raphael Tuck

Antique Movable Book -Dutch Movable Book c. 1916 - ALS DE DIEREN KONDEN SPREKEN! - With Movable Plates - Dutch edition of Fun In The Forest by Raphael Tuck
1913 book - If Animals Could Talk - With Movable Plates

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Translation: If Animals Could Talk With Movable Plates
(Dutch edition of Fun In The Forest by Raphael Tuck)

Rotterdam - D. Bolle, 1917 - 10 pages


Despite the fragile construction and age of this lively book it is in very good condition. The sewn book has cardbvoard covers in good condition. The front cover has a small tear of the paste-on picture and a taped fold line that does not affect the charming picture. The back cover is basically clean with a small tear off of top corner. The original threads are intact. There are a few small almost invisible clear taped places. The covers have been reattached. There is a paper cover on the spine which appears to have been a later addition. The original pull tabs are clean and almost like new. The front cover has a brightly colored paste-on picture of a young boy in a charming bright red suit and hat carrying a basket of puppies. The pages are slightly yellowed but drawings and text remain strong and clear. The crisp bright chromolithograph movable pages are in excellent condition with original pulls clean and only minor hardly noticable tiny tears. In total the book has been carefully cared for.

Story Description:

The book has ten pages. Six include interesting stories and drawings.The four movable plates are exceptionally impressive with interesting situations or events, pictured in extraordinary settings and animals with very real individual characteristics all done in rich, bright chromolithograph printing! The opening page, The Reading Lesson, shows a monkey with a rhinoceros who is asking him to teach him how to read. At first the monkey thinks his pupil is not trying but later does realize the hippo really wants to learn and needs help he is glad to teach him. The following page has The Fox and the Lion with the fox giving the lion a haircut. The first movable plate, Singer and the Lion, depicts a trembling traveling minstrel offering to sing to the lion to save his life. The lion, not being hungry, agrees. The caption under the picture assures us that Sambo sang the most wonderful he had ever sung. Sambo moves back and forth as the lion opens and closes his mouth and moves his eyes. The next page shows The Sick Hippo with the doctor Langeen telling him he not only has an overloaded stomach and needs to fast for 14 days but also needs to see a dentist as the hippo complains it would be expensive. Lower on the page is The Solid Swing as the pleased mother watches the elephant swinging her child certain the swing will not break. The following text page The Polite Crocodile depicts a monkey talking with a friendly crocodile who warns him not to come close to his teeth. In the next movable Terrified Monkeys dash away, one climbing a tree, as a tiger lifts his head out of the bushed. Next picture. Disoediece punished, shows a large lion obviously switching two young ones. The title, Tricky Little ones and the picture, Sleep, Baby, Sleep! clearly expresses the distraught lions as one swings a screaming pup while the others continues to yell in a rocking basket. The final page, The Bees, shows the hives the farmer has cared for with the happy promise of much honey.

This is a rare, very well preserved desirable collectable book.

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Collectors Corner:

This is a Dutch Edition of a mechanical book originally published in English by Rapael Tuck entitled Fun In The Forest
The movables are the same but the covers differ.
We also know of a French edition: Les Betes Entre Elles! published in Paris by A. Capendu without a date


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Antique Vintage movable book - Dutch