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SOLD - Allerneuestes Theaterbilderbuch 1883 movable theater pop-up book Near Fine

movable 1883 book

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Allerneuestes Theaterbilderbuch: Ein plastisches Bilderbuch mit beweglichen Figuren in 4 theatralischen Aufzügen

Esslingen: J. F. Schreiber, [1883]. Large folio (14 x 10 3/4 inches - 35 x 26.5 cm.)
Author: BRAUN, Isabella (1815-1886)

English Translation: Little Actors Theater: Four Plays to Act Out With Three-Dimensional Scenes and Characters That Really Move.

The German national bibliography and several 1883 German book references date this book as 1883.

The year's seasons are introduced in four plays. On pages opposite text of plays, illustrations can be lifted with a ribbon to form three-dimensional scenes and reveal short verses about the seasons.

The plays are: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Christmas

Excellent condition with all scenes complete, all original, undamaged, and working. This book appears to have never been played with. The fragile window is still intact. The boys on the protruding bench are complete. See photos. Paper is good shape. Binding is good. Slight bumping on corners of boards - see photos.

Note – Besides pop-ups, every pop-up scene is also movable. Pop-up 1 – three rivets move a girl rocking a baby in a crib. Pop-up 2 – one rivet makes a see-saw go up and down. Pop-up 3 – two rivets make two girls nod their heads. Pop-up 4 – A pull tab makes a window open to reveal a family admiring their Christmas tree.

Collector’s Corner:

International News Company, the primary American book importer for Schreiber, issued an identical book for their American & Canadian markets entitled Little Showmman’s series 4; The Children's Year: Songs for All the Seasons, Telling of Happy Days in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – ( 13-1/2 x 1 0-1/4). The International News Company ,83-85 Duane St., New York, promoted themselves as “Importers of German, French and British books” McLoughlin Brothers, an American publisher, issued four titles in their 1884 Little Showman's Series; Autumn, Spring, and Summer that are very close to the 4 scenes in this book. The McLoughlin versions do not have near the detail of the original scenes from of the Schreiber and International News Co. books. McLoughlin Brothers was the first large producer of movables in the United States. We know that the company took ideas from German and British publishers such as Dean, George Routledge, Frederick Warne and others. McLoughlin offered similar products to Americans – even directly pirating Dean’s Home Pantomime Toy Books for example. This is another example of a gorgeous German movable that McLoughlin copied. Back then, international copyright laws as we know them today did not exist. Walter Crane in fact wrote to the editor of Scribner’s Monthly requesting that they inform their readers of the “injustice he had suffered” about a pirated edition of one of his books which “grossly misrepresents my drawings both in style and coloring.” Scribner’s Monthly printed his complaint in September of 1877, with the editor even suggesting a boycott of McLoughlin’s book. Indeed the quality of the Little Showman's Series; Autumn, Spring, and Summer do not approach the quality of the scenes in Schreiber’s Allerneuestes Theaterbilderbuch. The McLoughlin versions have the same scenes but used a different artist. The last photos to the left show a comparison of the scenes in this work and the McLoughlin versions.

This book is so beautiful that Schreiber came out with reproductions of it in 1981 and 1990.

According to the book “Schreiber Kinder-Theater” by Brink Abrahamsen, this 1883 theater book was one of 2 peepshow style theater books that Schreiber put out in the 1800’s. The other two were ”Theater-Bilderbuch” 1878, and ”Das kleine Theater”


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