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Andy Warhol Index Book - FINE - WITH ORIGINAL BALLOON INTACT - pages NOT stuck together. Complete with all undamaged elements

Andy Warhol Index Book Movable book with original balloon still intact
Andy Warhol Index Book with original balloon intact and pages not stuck together

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Andy Warhol Index Book - FINE - One of the few still in existence with the original Baloon still intact!

11" x 8.25" - Cm 28x22 - pp. [68]

Softcover – Stated First Printing - Random House - 1967

By Andy Warhol with the assistance of Stephen Shore [and others] and particularly David Paul. Several photos by Nat Finkelstein. Factory fotos by Billy Name. (Note: Legendary editor Alan Rinzler, edited the book)

Contains all 10 novelties in fine condition and pages NOT stuck together:

1. Pop-up Castle is fine

2. Red accordion is fine and still squeaks

3. Pop-up Bi-plane is fine.

4. The Chelsea Girls paper disk is fine and still attached to the spring

5. The geodesic dome “Dodecahedron” with string is fine. (the elusive elastic rubber band that has usually perished is still there and still works to make the dome "pop out" )

6. Lou Reed 45 RPM flexi-disc including a Nico interview and music by the Velvet Underground is fine and still bound completely within its square (not removed) and the pop-out center hole is unpunched.

7. The large fold-out Warhol photograph of a rainbow nose is fine.

8. Hunts tomato can pop-up is fine.

9. "FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!!" page - Complete - All 8 are present. These are sometimes called blotters or sponges – (Some say they symbolize acid use)

10. The Ballon is still there - SEE PHOTO - Remarkably, the balloon in this copy of the book has not degraded as they typically do over time, and the pages are not stuck together. The reason for this became clear upon inspection – someone had the foresight to protect the balloon with a protective removable plastic square. Interestingly, the full balloon outline can also be seen on the back of the page, and it is evident that the balloon had a word on it. Though usually degraded, the letters "INDEX" can be discerned with some effort).

Additionally, the book is in excellent condition overall – none of the signatures are loose, and it is well-bound. The reflective mylar silver and black wraps were calibrated to produce a striking three-dimensional holographic effect, and they remain bright and beautiful with minimal scuffing and no discoloration (see photos).

Collector’s Corner:

Please see our fascinating article on the History of Andy Warhol’s Index Book under our website category, Movable Books History.


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