Early movable navigation book published in 1776

Antique movable vovelle  navigation book published in 1776
Antique movable vovelle navigation book published in 1776

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A Compleat System Of Navigation In Two Parts By James Atkinson
Dublin : printed by Boulter Grierson, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, M,DCCLXVII. [1767]
Contains a Movable rotating disc vovelle Compass Plate plus 13 Fold Out plates
The Movable plate is operated by a tiny button attached by thread so that you can turn the inside wheel
443 pages
Some damage to title page with tearing and hole - the other page are in good condition
Movable is in excellent and working condition
All fold out plates are complete with a tear on one
The title page to Chaper XI is mostly torn out - likely because it comes after the movable so it may have been damaged due to playing with the movable.

Beautiful antique script of owners name George Harris (bought by harris in 1778)
The entire cover page states:
A COMPLEAT SYSTEM OF NAVIGATION In Two Parts. I. Atkinson's Epitome. II. Navigation New Modell'd: Or, The Whole Art performed, without Tables or Instruments, by a New Method, never yet published: Illustrated with Practical Examples of keeping a Journal, and correcting by an Observation; with a New Way of finding the Variation, and Time of High-Water, at any known Port. With Proper and Correct Tables, viz. 1. A Table of the Sun's Right Ascension. 2. A Table of the Right Ascension and Declination of the Principal fixed Stars. 3. A Table of the Sun's Declination, calculated for 20 years. 4. A Table of Latitudes and Longitudes of the Principal Harbours, Capes, and Islands, in the World. 5. A Table of Difference of Latitude and Departure, for the exact Working a Traverse. 6. A Table shewing the First Day of March, Epact, Dominical Letter; with a Perpetual Almanack. Likewise the Use and Description of the Quadrant, Cross-Staff, and Nocturnal. By H. Wilson.
To which is added, for the Help of young Seamen The Draught of a Ship, with all her Rigging: Every rope particularly described by its proper Name: and also a Dictionary, Explaining all the Terms used at Sea, in an Alphabetical Order

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About the publisher:
George Grierson (1680 - October 27, 1753) was an Irish printer and publisher. He operated as the 'Kings Printer" from 1732 to 1753, It is interesting to note that Grierson was the only printer in Dublin allowed to print Holy Bibles. Following his death in 1753, son, Boulter (1737-1771) , took over the family business, which lasted well into the 19th century.

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