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COLUMBUS PANORAMA: antique pop-up book -  J.F. Schreiber book

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Columbus-Panorama. 3 Bilder Aus Der Amerikan Geschichte

Translates to: COLUMBUS PANORAMA: THREE PICTURES FROM AMERICAN HISTORY (English edition exists with that title)

JF Schreiber, The International News Company, New York

Printed in Germany, c. 1893.

German Edition – no date, ads for this book in German can be found from 1882-1886.

Large Folio (11” x 14”) - 32” wide when opened

Similar in format to Meggendorfer’s International Circus and advertised in the nineteenth century alongside “ Die Krippe” and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.

Three panels - each folds down to a three-dimensional scene including: Columbus arriving in the New World, Washington accepting the Declaration of Independence, and Lincoln announcing the Emancipation of the Slaves.

Condition: Complete and working
All parts excellent and original except most of the left side of the middle scene (Liberty and surrounding and right side of the flag) is a very well done restoration. Several areas reinforced on back including the backs of the Liberty/Columbus fold outs, small repair on back of Columbus hand
A new support base has been added to the Emancipation section. Spine cloth replaced.

Returnable for any reason if not delighted. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to see more images.

Collectors Corner:

Almost no information could be found concerning this International News publication. However, an ad for this book appeared in the back of an 1895 International News Company novel entitled The Surrender of Margaret Bellarmine: A Fragment By Adeline Sergeant. The ad promoted this book as well as three other folio sized theater style gift books for children including “The Crib” – Three Pictures in perspective, “The Columbus Panorama “ – Three pictures in Perspective from American History, and “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West” – Six scenes in perspective.

Blair Whitten ("Paper Toys of the World" Hobby House Press, Cumberland, Ohio 1986 pp. 20 and 68) describes The Columbus Panorama printed in Germany for the International News Company of NY as a three-section fold-out opening to 32 inches, c. 1893. This date would be appropriate relative to the ad appearing in 1895.

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