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Vlieger Dutch edition of Raphael Tucks movable book "The Three Bears" with Sliding Pictures

Die Drie Beren - published in Amsterdam by J. Vlieger - Raphael Tuck movable book
Die Drie Beren movable book - published in Amsterdam by J. Vlieger

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Die Drie Beren - published in Amsterdam by J. Vlieger

Dutch edition of Raphael Tuck's "The Three Bears" from Tuck's series "THE COMBINED EXPANDING TOY AND PAINTING BOOK SERIES

This small book ( 7 X 5 1/2") with 15 pages contains 6 brightly colored "sliding" pictures made from
die-cut and embossed lift-up chromolithographs. These "pop-ups" are maneuvered by sliding the picture to the left.

Condition - All movable pages complete and in excellent original condition. Original string binding is still well intact. Very good - see photos

All 6 books in the Raphael Tuck versions of this series appeared in
The Publishers Weekly, Volume 42 - F. Leypoldt, 1892 - page 176 along with the following description:

"The pictures are so arranged that they stand out in relief from the background, giving the Illustrations
panoramic, and hence an interesting effect to children. The back rounds printed in tone, are intended to
be filled in with bright colors by aspiring little artists. These books contain 16 pages, are substantially
in heavy board covers, illuminated and varnished cloth back, and among the most novel productions of
the season. 6 titles."

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Collectors Corner:

The publishing company of J. Vlieger (1844 - 1908) was established in 1870 and continues to this day.

One of Vleiger's first movable Book Dutch editions was “Robinson Crusoe with surprise pictures.(Dutch edition of Dean’s Surprise Picture Books) His first 4 movables were from 1870: Chineesche Schimmen, Kinderspelen, Vertooningen and Roodkapje, which he had taken over from Trap from Leiden. Before his death in 1908, Vlieger had put out 30 movable titles, none of his own making.

Sometime after 1880, Vlieger published Dutch Versions of Raphael Tuck's series "THE COMBINED EXPANDING TOY AND PAINTING BOOK SERIES PATENTED" . The Dutch version titles from this movable book series are:

De drie Beren - Thee Three Bears
Roodkapje -Little Red Riding Hood
De drie katjes - The Three kittens
Met oom Jan in't Cirkus - with Uncle John in the Circus
Robinson Crusoe - Robinson Crusoe
Een bezoek aan de diergaarde - A visit to the zoo


The history of Vlieger publishing is outlined in the Dutch book Seventy-sixth YEARBOOK
OF THE SOCIETY Amstelodamum published in 1982. It includes the Vleiger papers by Vliegers sons G.H. KITE AND T G.J. KITE .

Lust en Leering. Geschiedenis van het Nederlandse kinderboek in de negentiende eeuw(2001)–P.J. Buijnsters, Leontine Buijnsters-Smets

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