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The Crib - Rare English version of Schreiber's Die Krippe antique pop-up book - Fine

Die Krippe origianl antique pop-up book - (The Crib) J.F. Schreiber
The Crib - Rare English version of Schreiber's Die Krippe antique pop-up book

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The Adoration of the Herdsmen, the Birth of our Savior in a Manger. The Adoration of the Three Holy Kings. Three pictures in perspective for Christian Children.

The International News Company, New York

3] panels : all. color illustrations ; 35 x 28 cm

Printed in Germany, c. 1893.

(An English publication of Die Krippe Ein Bilderbuch zum Aufstellen J.F. Schreiber, Esslingen, 1888.)

Extremely rare English version in fine condition. The English version is so rare that we did not know it existed until we saw this copy.

The first editions of The Crib (Die Krippe 1888) and Buffalo Bills Wild West (Buffalo Bill's Wilder Westen c. 1891) were published by J.F. Schreiber. Both use the fold down panel to make the figures standup.

Blair Whitten ("Paper Toys of the World" Hobby House Press, Cumberland, Ohio 1986 pp. 20 and 68) describes The Columbus Panorama printed in Germany for the International News Company of NY as a three-section fold-out opening to 32 inches, c. 1893. This date would be appropriate relative to the ad appearing in 1895. Based on the above information, I have used an estimated date for THE CRIB as 1893.

Like the first publication (DIE KRIPPE) this rare book is a beautiful triptych of three panels with standup figures depicting the birth of Christ.

The front cover is a manger scene showing a lovely Mary holding the Christ child while Joseph gazes skyward toward bright streaming rays of light. Four shepherds kneel in adoration with sheep and oxen present. The English version includes a more lengthy addition to the original title plate. The cover picture is in good condition with some age darkening. There is a small tear of the picture corner on upper left. There is some edge wear with a small edge clip on lower right corner, The spine tape has been repaced. The backs are in clean good condition. The fold-down supports are in fine shape with only minor age staining. The wonder of the book becomes evident when opened and the panel boards pulled down the scene becomes a 14 X 33" free standing scene presenting a luminous three-dimensional scene of the sacred story.

Note: Titles of the pop-up scenes are not included in the book. We found them in an 1894 ad for this book*. we are not sure how the names fits - but this is how the three scenes are listed in the ad.

Scene 1 - The Birth Of Our Savior in a Manger: The left panel (as you face the triptych) depicts a stable scene with pop-up sheep, a cow and a man holding his camel.

Scene 2 - The Adoration of the Shepherds: It is to the center panel that the triptych is directed. It is unusual in that Joseph and Mary holding the Babe are in the background while four layers of pop-ups depict those in adoration are the foreground. There are animals, wise men, shepherds and a mother holding doves as her child gazes in wonder toward the Holy Child. Open it gently and stand the panels together carefully and It is here that you, the observer, become part of the scene. Like those depicted with their backs toward us looking toward the child we also face the manger scene and become participants in the holy event. Although the scenes have some slight age darkening the beauty of the details and color remains.

Scene 3 - The Adoration of the Magi: The panel to the right has a man atop a richly draped camel and an angel holding a palm branch lifting her arm.

The total condition of this rare lovely book is exceptionally, almost expectantly, very good. All parts and figures are original with no facsimiles and are in near fine condition. All pop-ups are in excellent working order.

Collectors Corner:

International News Company: We will be doing an article soon on the history of this mysterious American publisher. Subscribe to our newsletter for info on when it will come out.

Almost no information could be found concerning this International News publication THE CRIB. However, an ad for this book appeared in the back of an 1895 International News Company novel entitled The Surrender of Margaret Bellarmine: A Fragment By Adeline Sergeant. The ad promoted this book as well as three other folio sized theater style gift books for children including “The Crib” – Three Pictures in perspective, “The Columbus Panorama “ – Three pictures in Perspective from American History, and “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West” – Six scenes in perspective. International News Co. also published the Showman's series of theater books.

For interest in the original publication - see this website's copy of DIE KRIPPE, a Christmas theatre scene created by Paul Wagner in 1888 for the Schreiber Children's Theatre series. The children's theatre series, a Schreiber publishing tradition from 1878 to 1921 which included fairy tales as well as Christmas subjects.

* ad found: The Surrender of Margaret Bellarmine: A Fragment - Page 315 Adeline Sergeant - 1894

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