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D. Bolle - Dutch Movable Book c. 1913 TWEE GOEDE VRIENDEN Prentenboek - complete

Antique Movable Book - Dutch Movable Book c. 1913 TWEE GOEDE VRIENDEN Prentenboek - complete
Dutch Movable Book c. 1913 TWEE GOEDE VRIENDEN Prentenboek

Alternative Views:

TWEE GOEDE VRIENDEN Prentenboek Met Beweegbare Platen

Translates to TWO GOOD FRIENDS Picture Book With Movable Plates. Likely has an English equivalent by Raphael Tuck, but we don't know which one.

Rotterdam., D. Bolle, (c. 1915). We found this book advertised in a Dutch newspaper dated 1917

10 pages - (6) text-pp. & 4 chromolithograph movable plates

6 X 20 cm

Condition - Good. Movables are all original, complete, and working. Each tab has a tear that was repaired years ago with old tape.
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Story Description:
On the first movable page Lizzie holds a bowl of cookies whiling telling the surrounding pets No that the cookies were not baked for them. A gentle pull lifts her arm holding the bowl. The next page shows kittens happily at play while the colored page has a cow and 2 rabbits sharing the grass and turnips with the words that "There is enough for the three of us." The cow bends her head as a rabbit leans over to munch. The donkeys and ducks appear to be just fine but on the opposite page, despite the eager appeals of 3 geese, we are told that Jill will keep the sandwiches. She lifts the sandwich high as one goose reaches for it. In the final happy pages two cows peacefully nodding their heads watch Poes (a cat) drinking milk from a large bucket and the words, "What a Godsend says Poes." The final caring words conclude "...go to sleep my little doves."

Collectors corner:
An Ad in the Dutch newspaper, Provinciale Overijsselsche en Zwolsche courant, 29-11-1917, promoted 4 movable books published by D. Bolle of Rotterdam. (Prentenboek Met Beweegbare Platen):

1. Voor Blondjes en Zwartjes
2. Twee goede Vrienden.
3. Mijn prettigste Boek.
4. ALS de Dieren Konden spreken ( Same movables as Raphael Tuck " Fun In The Forest"

They translate to the following although their Raphael Tuck English equivalents likely had other titles such as number 4, in which English Tuck version is "Fun In The Forest" no the translated English.

1. For Blondes and Blacks
2. Two good Friends.
3. My pleasant book.
4. If the animals could speak

Several Dutch publishers put out movable books. Of these, D. Bolle's 'Bazaar of cheap books' in Rotterdam dominated the second-hand book market starting in about 1870. They published several movable books around 1895. Their books were from takeovers (Mostly from I. De Haan when they ended their business after 1900) or partnerships with Raphael Tuck especially, perhaps even piracy as that was common back then.

This is a rare, well-preserved desirable collectible book.

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Antique Vintage movable   book - Dutch