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Grand Steeple-Chase Au Gabon (Afrique), Black Interest moveable panorama cir:- 1890 Excellent

Antique Movable Book Pull-tab fold-out stand up Panorama with 4 moveable pages
Movable book Grand Steeple-Chase Au Gabon (Afrique) - 1890

Alternative Views:

Grand Steeple-Chase Au Gabon (Afrique)

A. Capendu, Editeurs Paris

(Note: This is the same book that can be seen in our virtual museum entitled Wettrennen in Kamerun by Esslingen, J. T. Schreiber - 1890)

Pull-tab fold-out stand up Panorama with 4 moveable pages

The only early movable we have seen with such a theme - This book includes numerous images of stereotypically illustrated natives, which are distasteful to modern readers, but of considerable historical interest. These show, in particular, western clothing being misunderstood and misused in a variety of ways (eg coats worn back to front).

Excellent condition, all original and complete with no tears, all moveables working - well bound

Collector's Corner:

The illustrator, Gottfried Sieben, pseudonym Archibald Smith, was an Austrian painter, writer and illustrator of numerous newspapers, magazines and erotica. he was a pupil of the Royal Academy of Vienna and the cartoonist for the satirical weekly Der Floh, and also for the Wiener Caricaturen. The german edition of this book was published in 1890 (as listed in Hinrichs' Funfjahriger Katalog der im Deutschen Buchhandel...II Teil Sachregister. (1892) pp.21.)


Product Code: A-202B

Vintage movable pop-up book 1800's