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Kubasta Nativity -Vánoční betlém - 1968 - Original, not the common 1990's reproduction - With BOTH of the original free standing interlocking figures. LARGE version

Kubasta Nativity Vanocni Betlem pop-up sene
Kubasta Nativity

Alternative Views:

Vánoční betlém - 1968 Kubasta nativity

Near Fine condition - all original with no damage.

Comes with BOTH original free standing interlocking figures

Note: This is NOT one of the common later re-produced copies. This is the original 1968 one. You can tell by the type of paper. later editions were smooth on the back.

6" (15cm) tall

This particular nativity was unmarked (except for Kubasta signature)

For research see below:

Collectors Corner:

See the November 13 Volume 21 Number 4 edition of Movable Stationary for an informative article on all of Kubasta's Christmas pop-ups by Theo Gielen.

According to the book Pop-ups, Illustrated Books, and Graphic Designs of Czech Artist and Paper Engineer, Vojtech Kubašta (1914 - 1992) by James A Findlay and Ellen G.K. Rubin, "Among the more collectible and rare of Kubašta’s pop-ups are the nativity tableaux. It is estimated that he made fifteen to seventeen nativities including table decorations, greeting cards, and crèches"

The decorative creche sets, some with the stand alone figures are difficult to find with all the pieces. They started out as construction sheets that you put together. The ones that we know about are:

The first 3 were all inserted into a Czech magazine in 1952, 1953, and 1954 as Christmas decorations. They were:

1. Pojďte s námi do Betléma - "Come with us to Bethlehem" - 1952

2. Lidovy Betlem - "People’s Crèche" - 1953 and 1967 - reprinted in 1991 by Pressfoto Publishing

3. Moravské Jesličky - "Moravian crib" - 1954

Later Sets:

Lidové Jesličky - "People's Nativity" - 1967 and 1968 - possible 1991 reprint (had two free standing figures. 1st with two children, 2cond with one child)

Vánoční betlém - (Looks like a Palm Tree nativity) 1968 Oftis - issued two sizes - 15 and 21 cm. in height . Second edition - 1990 Giamon Roman - then later pirated editions in 90's and poorly printed 2011 edition. (two free standing figures that interlock) First edition has rough tan paper on back, later ones smooth white on back)

Pražský betlém - 1968 Orbis, 1969 Orbis and a 1991 panorama construction sheet
(two sets of stand-up figures. The kneeling Magi, and the four musicians (a violinist, trumpet player, oboist, and cello player and singing dog)

Loretánský betlém - Orbis - 1972 (two free standing figures - sheep and a man with sheep)

Český Betlém - nativity sheet - (possible earlier one, we don't know) printed in Czechoslovakia in 1991, by Grafiatisk, A.S.


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