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Kubasta Large Panoscopic Pop-Up - Betlém Charita - Rarest of his large pop-ups - Fine

Kubasta shooting star nativity pop-up

Alternative Views:

Kubašta, Vojtěch - Betlém Charita

Large Panascopic Pop-up Nativity - 1967

It was a special publication made for the Art Hall Czech Catholic Charity in 1967

Extremely hard to find Kubasta large elaborate pop-up nativity. Possibly the rarest of the panascopic series. Kubasta printed signature on pop-up and VK on cover.

Excellent Fine Condition. All parts complete and original. Colors bright, well bound. Pop-up fine. Boards fine.

It opens to stand almost 11" tall with a 13 X 17" base.

The front cover depicts a large shooting star and a lovely pink-robed/winged angel hovering above a walled city. The initials VK appear over the city gate opening. The city contains several towers, domes, other buildings and palm trees.

This rare book opens to a traditional nativity scene including a wide variety of characters. Mary and Joseph stand in the center supporting the seated Holy Child. The attending worshippers include not only shepherds, wise men and various animals but also many other gift bearers including children. Above the double arched stable a pink-robed/winged angel holds the scroll GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO! while at the front another pink angel greets a yawning shepherd and a kneeling King.

To the right V Kubasta is written on a gift platter. The back closes showing a starry sky with a brightly lit decorated Christmas tree. A clean, unmarketd scroll is topped by a collecton of packages. A closer look delightfully reveals the same open nativity scene!

Title of pop-up and year published confirmed at the Archive Of Fine Art, Prague see: http://www.isabart.org/document/88170

* Of interest see MBS Newsletter Vol.21/No. 4. Gielen, p. 11.
Movable Stationary printed an article by movable book expert, Theo Gielen in November of 2013, Volume 21, number 4. This is the only other photograph we have ever seen of this very rare Kubasta. It is not included in Bienes or any other reference that we have.

Collectors Corner:

See the November 13 Volume 21 Number 4 edition of Movable Stationary for an informative article on all of Kubasta's Christmas pop-ups by Theo Gielen.

According to the book Pop-ups, Illustrated Books, and Graphic Designs of Czech Artist and Paper Engineer, Vojtech Kubašta (1914 - 1992) by James A Findlay and Ellen G.K. Rubin, "Among the more collectible and rare of Kubašta’s pop-ups are the nativity tableaux. It is estimated that he made fifteen to seventeen nativities including table decorations, greeting cards, and crèches"

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