SOLD ---- Rare 1928 Movable Book by important illustrator! In Original Box.

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Super rare 1928 Movable by an illustrator who would later go on to illustrate the first illustation in DC Comics First Comic Book!
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Very good condition in original box with both "movies" included. See photos for exact condition. Movie roll in book very good, second one has some slight tearing on first frames but complete.

Hardware age, Volume 122, Issues 18-26 by David Williams Co., 1928 states:

“Loederer's Movie Book, a new type of toy for young children, has recently been introduced by the Durable Toy & Novelty Co., 220 Fourth Avenue, New York City. The movie book can be called a "minia- LOEDERER'S MOVIE BOOK ture" movie. The case is fashioned like a book having a window opening in the top cover which is the movie screen. By turning a small handle in the side of the book a reel starts to rotate, displaying a series of related pictures which pass across the screen. The reel can be removed. Two reels are furnished - YOUR FUNNY SHEETS MOVE WITH LOEDERER! One attractively illustrated alphabet and the other an instructive "Story of America." These reels are lithographed in bright, attractive colors It is also possible to cut out the comic section of newspapers, paste the pictures together and use them on a reserve spindle which comes with the book. The Movie Book is covered with imitation leather paper.”

About the Illustrator:

Listed in Who Was Who in American Art, 1975

"Richard A. Loederer (1894-1981) Loederer illustrated this movable book in 1928 – later, in the early 1930’s he went on to become an artist and editor at DC Comics. He illustrated pre-golden age comics such as 'Brad Hardy', 'Bubby and Beezil', 'Caveman Capers', 'Jumpy and Bunny', 'Midshipman Dewey' and 'Weird Asia'."

DC Comics began publishing in 1935 with New Fun Comics #1.( Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, an early comic book publisher whose company National Allied Publications was taken over and eventually became DC comics. Loedererer was DC comics first illustrator, according to wickipedia DC comics started with Entrepreneur Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's National Allied Publications tabloid-sized New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 in February 1934. The Big Comic Magazine was written and illustrated by Dick Loederer.

Dick did several of the strips in the first comic, He is in fact, credited as the illustrator for the introductory page of the first issue


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"Loederer's Movie  Book" illustrated by DC comics first illustrator