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SOLD _ Meggendorfer - The Great Punch Theater - German Edition Grosses Puppentheater- C:1890 Large Punch & Judy movable book

Great Punch Theater
Meggendorfer movable pop-up book 1800's

Alternative Views:

großes Puppentheater : ein lebendiges Bilderbuch

Original German edition of : The Great Punch Theatre: An Amusing Picture Book of Six Plays Acted by Mr. Punch.

Printed in Germany. J. F. Schreiber., n.d. [1890].

Quarto 12 1/2 X 9 1/2 "

Description: 12 pages. Six original plays written in rhyme illustrated on six movable pages.

Esslingen: J.F. Schreiber, [1890]. with 6 color-lithographed plates by P. Wagner
and 9 illustrations by Meggendorfer.

The movables work with coils.

The cover image is from Paul Wagner, who has redrawn the original panels designed by C. Häberlin of the original version from 1864. The 1864 edition was Schriebers first movable. From Lothar Meggendorfer come the b / w illustrations.

The English version is listed on page of 296 The Lothar Meggendorfer bibliograohy, A. Werkverzeichnis (2012).

The English and German editions have the exact same images and movables. (The English version is sold but can be seen in our virtual museum)

Condition: The book is in very good condition. See photos. All parts are complete and original and all movables are fully functioning. The wire coils are fine and show no staining on opposite pages. The cover is clean and bright.. All pages are in good condition with only faint age yellowing. The book is tightly held by original string, The theatre scenes are bright colors and fully functioning. A couple minor tears to tabs and along side were nicely repaired.Movable parts in fine condition without tears or missing pieces.

Description of book: (Understood from the English version)

The book begins with a Playbill followed by Punch's Address to the Audience with "splitting your sides with laughter" promises. The rollicking comical old rascal with a wicked grin and beaky nose whose antics have been known and laughed at around the world is now 350 years old. The enduring popularity of the witty and lively Punch in many forms has made him the most famous puppet character of all time.

Let's open the book and as Punch says, "...the play is now about to begin."

Each of the six stories is presented in a theatre stage setting with delighted audiences below. Each scene has a different audience. It is interesting to note the various activities and attitudes of the audiences as well as the movable actions.

1. Punch and the Sportsman: Punch disguised as a hare makes fun of the hunter. With a pull down the hunter leans forward. lifts and points his gun at the hare who merely wiggles his ea. Repaired tear at the pull.

2. Punch as Crocodile, and Little Tomkins: Punch (who often disguises as other characters) also mocks fun at Tomkins who is fully prepared for big fishing. Punch wins the show as Tompkins begins to run away. A gentle downward pull toward the left gets Tomkins dashing away as the crocodile snaps at his coat.

3. Punch as a Robber Chief: Punch is usually getting away or trying to escape the police. Here a stick-wielding Punch pulls a robbery while pretending to be a robber chief with a gun and knife tucked at his side in a bright red belt. The rascal swings at his victim who ducks to avoid the blow. Yes, Punch gets his money. A small repaired tear at tab

4. The Arrest of Punch: Here a clown-like Punch attempts to get away from Heaviboots, a policeman. As the policeman attempts to hit him with his stick Punch ducks down into a box. A pull of the tab swings the policeman and his stick as Punch quickly jumps inside a box. But the policeman gets his prisoner this time in the story.

5. Mrs. Punch's Petition: A very desperate Judy (Mrs Punch) approaches a judge petitioning the release of her husband. She bows and bends as a frowning judge jerks his head up and down. However, not shown in the picture but told in the story, a bottle of wine works and she obtains the promise of his freedom. Repaired tear at tab.

6. Will Catchem, and Punch as Rathernot: Here Punch appears in his most typical clown costume, a large red nose and a humped back. He carries a large bat and bends forward to beat the "A creature black, with horny pate" as Catchem leaps back and forth to miss the blows.

Punch and Judy have always been very popular and mechanical/movable books

much enjoyed by children and, therefore, delightfully played with. The results have been few survived in good condition. This is a nice exception and deserving applause. It would be a welcome addition to any collection.


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Vintage movable pop-up book by Lothar Meggendorfer 1800's