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Very Fine Meggendorfer - Allerlei fur Jung und Alt Movable book - Fine condition with original tissue still between pages - 1880 - one of Meggendorfer's first movables

Antique Movable Book Meggendorfer  Allerlei fur Jung und Alt - First German edition. With 8 movable color-lithographed plates
Very Fine Meggendorfer - Allerlei fur Jung und Alt Movable book - Fine condition with original tissue still between pages - 1880 - one of Meggendorfer's first movables

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Allerlei fur Jung und Alt ( English translates as Goodies For Young and Old)

Lothar Meggendorfer - Fine with original tissue sheets

Folio. 13" x 9.5" inches [LxB]. Pp. 9 leaves incl. 8 pull-tab scenes, paper pictorial card covers. Collated complete.

MUNICH: Braun & Schneider. Printed in Germany. n.d. c.1889 [Published date 1889]. Rare First Edition. First printing.

First German edition. With 8 movable color-lithographed plates. Orig. half cloth with front board illu. in colors. Large 4to.
Folio measuring 13" x 9.5" with 9 leaves including 8 interactive pull-tab scenes. Bound in the original quarter black cloth over vibrant color pictorial boards, this extremely scarce title features presents eight hand-coloured mechanical illustrations with German text, offering diverse scenes from pastoral to mythological.

This rare moveable book dates from Meggendorfer’s early period when he worked with his first publisher, the Munich based Braun & Schneider. Typically, their books are beautifully and accurately hand-colored as is true with this one.

Condition: FINE - The book is in exceptionally well preserved all original condition, complete and working. The covers show only slightest shelf wear or corner bumps. The colorful front cover, with decorative lettering and a picture of Hercules fighting a great lion, is bright and clean. Back cover in good condition. The brown original hinge cloth is not faded and except for a small tear in the center (see photographs) is otherwise in excellent condition. Pages are tight and basically clean with a few very light finger smudges. The poetic pages opposite
the pictures show some small stains from the wire coils and movements but apparently have been somewhat protected by what appear to be the original tissue sheets. The original pulls show only minor thumbprints. All movements are fully functional. Plate 7 has a small repaired tear. Hand coloring is still bright. This is the best condition movable Meggendorfer book that we have ever come across.

Details are included in the movable picture descriptions.

Introduction reads "All sorts of things for young and old meet you here" [in German] There are 8 movable plates – all in complete, original, working condition:

1. Der Ziegeruhirt (The Goatherd). Fine - A charming forest scene of a young goat herder and several goats with a dog nearby. All parts are original and clean. The pull moves the head of the lower goat as the boy moves his arms as he plays on the flute. We have added light pencil marks to indicate the angle of the pull essential for correct movement direction.

2. Herkules (Hercules). Fine - Gone is the peaceful charm of the first picture as the mighty Hurcules struggles with a ferocious lion. The facial expression of Hercules reveals a mighty struggle as he holds tightly to the wild struggling, kicking and roaring lion.

3. Der Salamander (The Salamander). Fine - An unusual scene, as a huge salamander creeps up over a large mushroom a group of four smiling elves rise up peering over at him from behind the mushroom.. The smart salamander decides not to climb any higher and quickly crawls down closer to safety away from the leering looking elves. Fine condition except for a tiny tear at one edge of the pull slot ( such tears are very common in all tab operated movements but in this book there are very few and they are very minor).

4. Des Heimkehr (The Homecoming). Fine - Another charming scene as an attractive young girl rides atop a bull leading a large herd of cows across the water on the way home. With the pull she lifts up and down a long stick while the bull lifts a leg and swings a long tail. It is apparently a welcoming homecoming as the stick does not appear threatening. Cows wear flowers draped around their necks and the bull appears to be very gentle while the girl, although barefoot, wears a very nice outfit complete with a fancy feathered hat.

5. Beim Kegelfpiel (Playing Skittles). Fine with tab reinforced - A heavyset man swings his arm holding a ball while his head bobs and knees and ankles give him strong movements. The picture is clean and bright with some staining on the pull tab which has been mended. The movements are especially good but one cannot help but notice his red face, the wine on the windowsill, grapes on vines outside, and the long pipe he clings to even with his long swing. Evidently something more is going on than a game of skittles. Here we sense something of Meggendorfer's humor!

6. Die Naschhaften Halen (The Greedy Hare). Fine - While the hares are the main movable interest, a hunter lies across the ground apparently sleeping and unaware as five frisky hares gobble at his food or look at him. Three of the hares nod their heads while one prances around. The hunter apparently unaware of any of this holds his gun relaxed across his lap with his back to us and shows no reactions or movements. Does the empty uncorked bottle on the ground imply that hunting is not his major interest?
Pull the tab and dance with the rabbits but let the sleeping man lie. Is it Meggendorfer humor again?

7. Der Liebling (The Favorite). Repaired Tear - Another very appealing scene. A charming, well-dressed, young girl gently lifts a young puppy up and down. Nearby the mother dog and five puppies watch or rest as the favored puppy gets all the attention. A pull raises the favorite puppy up and down, mother and few puppies nod or move while a cat in the nearby window lifts its head up and down observing the scene. There has been a tear along the sliding line for the puppy's moves carefully repaired and not affecting the charm and warmth of the entire scene.

8. Der Lateranzunder (The Lamplighter). Fine - Time to close the book now as the old lamplighter skillfully lights the lamp for the night. Moving both arms while lifting his pole up the light becomes bright. The man also tilts his hat and opens his mouth. A smooth and nice and final action in a fragile but remarkably preserved rare example of the Meggendorfer genius.

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