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Meggendorfer Die Uhr: ein lehrreiches Bilderbuch - RARE FIRST 1897 EDITION

Antique Movable Book Meggendorfer Die Uhr

Alternative Views:

Die Uhr: Ein Lehrreiches Bilderbuch

Lothar Meggendorfer

First edition Esslingen bei Stuttgart , J. F. Schreiber [1897]. Publishing no. 177.

With 24 full page color-lithogr. illustrations by L. Meggendorfer and 2 movable clocks

8.5” tall X 11 1/2" wide - (22,5 x 29,5 cm)

Note that this is the rare “Esslingen bei Stuttgart” 1897 FIRST edition* not the more common 1907 Esslingen u. München” second edition which was considerably simplified in its design. The only other first edition that we have seen sold for $2,592 at the Ketterer & Kunst auction.

Condition: See photos. The book is in good original condition with no repairs other than the replacement of the hands on the clocks. There is wear on the corners of the boards/covers. Light scratches and wear on the boards. The original cloth spine is in very good condition with minor rubbing. The pages are tight and in excellent condition with occasional small bend lines as the pages were turned. Pages 7-8 have marks at top corner border sections and a small inner edge of page 2 from pages sticking (see photographs). The aging of the book can be seen in the inevitable darkening and some foxing of the back cover and the insides of each cover. The pages have very slight soiling mostly related to turning at corners. The colors remain bright and clear.

After more than a hundred years it is still a delight to share a long and lovely day with the busy children.

Book Description:

The book contains 24 pages each representing many daily activities with openings for the clock faces allowing a view of the mounted clocks with movable metal pointers (hands) to indicate the time. There are two clocks, one mounted inside the front cover the other inside back cover. The text is in verse by Ferdinand Feldigl describing the hours of the day for educational purposes.

The very decorative cover illustrates a child pointing to a clock. The inside pages illustrate children's activities beginning at 6 o'clock with a smiling young girl getting out of bed. The pages continue with very colorful illustrations of charming children including breakfast, going to school, teacher in classroom, recess playing, cheering at lunch time, eating lunch, walking boys, music class with singing lesson, playing on the way home, mother with tray of food, boy and girl playing ,boy doing homework, children ready for bed, father locks the front door, bird on a limb with full moon, and a boy sound asleep. these are followed by lovely scenes of a lake, a church in moonlight, a big-eyed owl, a cock crowing, a pink sky, a sleeping bird and finally the young girl soundly sleeping. The pictures depict interesting period dress and are surrounded in a wide variety of decorative borders beautifully enhancing each page.

Collector’s Corner:

Translated from Paperboxx website which lists Meggendorfer Titles:

1897 The clock .An instructive picture book Text by Ferdinand Feldigl . Esslingen : Schreiber 1897. 4 ° With 24 colored illustrations and two clocks with adjustable pointers. That . Changed 2 Ed - Esslingen and Munich : Schreiber in 1907. 8 ° 27 pages with 24 , including 12 color illustrations . English edition: What's O'Clock ? London: Grevel 1897. - French edition


Die Uhr.Ein lehrreiches Bilderbuch Text von Ferdinand Feldigl. Esslingen: Schreiber 1897. 4° Mit 24 farbigen Illustrationen und 2 Uhren mit verstellbaren Zeigern. Dass. Veränderte 2. Aufl. — Esslingen u. München: Schreiber 1907. 8° 27 Seiten mit 24, davon 12 farbigen Illustrationen. Englische Ausgabe: What's O'Clock? London: Grevel 1897. - Französische Ausgabe: Quelle Heure Est-II?-o.O. 1900.

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