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Meggendorfer - Das Puppenhaus. (The Doll's House) with original Slipcase

Meggendorfer - Regardez moi - French movable book
Meggendorfer - Regardez moi - Rare French movable book

Regardez-moi!. Livre D'Images Contenant Huit Tableaux Colories Avec Des Personnages Mouvant.

Lothar Meggendorfer - Unsigned (as usual for French Meggendorfers) but the same movables as his English edition "Look At Me" , and German edition "Schau Mich An".

Published by Nouvelle Librairies De La Jeunesse. Paris, 10 Rue De L'Abbaye

Undated - 1888 according to the Meggendorfer Bibliography:
Lothar Meggendorfer 1847 - 1925. Werkverzeichni comboxx 2012

Large - 10 1/4" x 14 1/4" - Oblong folio. .Chromolithography cover over cardboard, original cloth spine

Condition - Very Good - All 8 movables are original, complete, and working well. O
n the first movable a tear on Santa's hand was expertly repaired and part of the boys leg was restored. Good boards with original spine binding cloth in great shape. Slight edge-wear to boards and pages. Text shows aging color, movables bright and beautiful. See photos. Pages were re-attached using archival fiber book tape and pulls have been reinforced.

Collectors Corner:

In the introduction (from English version) Meggendorfer asks the children to "Look at me" (the book).
As he does often in the introductions to his books Meggenddorfer realizes their fragility and cautions,

"Will you have this pretty book
And with care within it look?
Turn my pages tenderly,
Move my pictures carefully
"Look at me!" enjoy my fun,
And put me back when you have done."

Movables include:

1. "Chalande arrive" - Santa arrives through a door. Look at pictures closely to see how movable works. Wonderful condition, In other copies this movable is almost always torn away or not working properly. This is the first example that we have seen that allows us to understand how this movable actually works.

2. "Le duo" - A black man & woman on a bench with an accordion & a guitar. The tab moves their hands and instruments to play & the man and womans lips opens and close like they are singing.

3. "Les charpentiers" - Two men raise and lower their arms as they chop wood

"L'ane recalcitrant" - A man in native costume raises & lower his arms as he wacks the mule with a stick. The mule lifts & lower his head & hind quarters.

5. "Dans la nursery" - A woman holds a baby & a child plays with a bird while pulling a toy horse. The woman's arms rock the baby & the child bends up & down to extend a stick to the moving bird.

6. "Chez le coiffeur" - Two men sit in barber's chairs being groomed by two barbers. One barber talks, one moves his arm & shaves the man & a man move his arms up & down - the other barber cuts hair..

7. "Musique de chambre" - A man with a trumpet and a second man with a clarinet. There is a dog in the middle. The men play their instruments & the dog opens & closes it's mouth

8. "Ami s'amuse" - A man is at a table polishing a boot, a woman with a broom and a dog. The woman sweeps the broom, the man raises & lowers his head while his arm moves polishing his boot & the dog jumps up.

In the English version the movable are titled:

St. Nicholas
Sambo and Topsy
The carpenters
The obstinate donkey
The nursery
At the barber's
The three musicians

According the Meggendorfer bibliography, This Meggendorfer was published in English, German, French, and Spanish.

It would be good for everyone to head the advice that Meggendorfer gives in the introduction to this books with all Meggendorfer's: (translated)

Will you have this pretty book
and with care within it look?
Turn my pages carefully
Look at me! Enjoy my fun
And put me back when you have done.

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