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PANTOMIME TOY BOOKS: CINDERELLA McLoughlin Brothers [n.d. ca. 1882]

Antique Movable Book
Antique Vintage Movable Toy Book Cinderella

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PANTOMIME TOY BOOKS: CINDERELLA; New York: McLoughlin Brothers [n.d. ca. 1882]

8 pages of text including endpapers, with smaller twelve page color flip-book at center that opens to a little theater with six scenes. Overlays attached to center fold each turn to create a new scene.

Color pictorial boards (front & back). Measures 10 " inches x 7 1/2 " inches "

Condition: Binding paper is cracking - slight corner wear (see photos) otherwise very good with no missing pieces, no writing, everything still bound.

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Collector's Corner:

McLoughlin pirated Dean's Home Pantomime Toy Books (published in the 1870’s) for the American market. The first ones Mcloughlin published using this inside theater flap format were issued in 1882.

The American News Company, 1891 published this:

Pantomime – A new thing in the toy book line.

Is this device of making the leaves of the book resemble the scenes on a stage.The front of each,when the book is closed, represents the proscenium arch of a theatre, with curtain, footlights, and the orchestra as if in the ad of playing an overture. The cover and the different pages are divided down the centre, and as they are lifted, one after the other, fold back to each side, disclosing the stage, and, upon it, a series of tableaux representing scenes in the story, which is told in verses below. On the backs of the covers and the pages, tiers of boxes are depicted, so that, when a book is opened at any page, the whole presents the appearance of a theatre in a strikingly realistic manner. The pictures, in design and coloring, have the beauty and brilliancy characteristic of all our work, and the peculiar form sets them off to unusual advantage.
About McLoughlin Brothers:

McLoughlin Bros was a New York publisher of books, puzzles, games and paper dolls. Savvy about modern marketing and production, McLoughlin was able to pirate and copyright titles by greats such as Schreiber and Dean & Son for the American market as well as produce their own originals. They were in business from 1828 until 1920 when they were bought out by Milton Bradley, Inc. Milton Bradley continued to use the brand “Mcloughlin brothers”, including the 1930’s 40’s series of pop-up books - "Jolly Jump-Ups" - The McLoughlin division of Milton Bradley shut down during World War II. In 1951, the McLoughlin Bros. brand was bought by New York toy manufacturer Julius Kushner. Some of the the Jolly Jump-Ups were reissued at that time. The imprint was finally sold to Grosset & Dunlap in 1954. Several more Mcloughlin books were issued, but we ceased seeing the imprint by the 1970s.


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Antique Vintage Movable Toy Book