Raphael Tuck - Panorama book - unpunched! "Little Snow-White" Fine

Raphael Tuck - Panorama book - unpunched! "Little Snow-White"
Little Snow-White : Father Tuck's Panorama Series. Issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons between 1907 and 1910*, as part of Father Tuck’s “Panorama” Series. Fine Condition

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Little Snow-White : Father Tuck's Panorama Series

Issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons between 1907 and 1910*, as part of Father Tuck’s “Panorama” Series. Printed in Bavaria.

Small octavo (4.8 by 3 inches)

Raphael Tuck and Sons London- circa 1900

Rare antique "punch out then pop-up" toy book - Near Fine - Hard to find in any condition. This one has all its pictures and tabs. They have never been punched out. Everything is there, including the instructions and the story text. The punchouts are unbroken.
The booklet is still well bound and no pages have come loose.

Embossed chromo lithographed card cover/wrap, text pages, concertina folded chromo lithographed sheets and punch-out cardboard bases. The text story is presented across two pages, accompanied by a unique five-section leporello format. The Leporello features intricately designed punch-out figures depicting the beloved characters from the story. It is securely attached to a sturdy cardboard section serving as the back wrapper. Additionally, the back wrapper boasts eleven punch-out bases specifically designed to hold the delightful figures from the Leporello. This Tuck Panorama is in excellent condition, with all components intact and unpunched

Collector's Corner:

Each little book in this series consists of the cover, then 1 page of detailed assembly instructions, "How to Make Each Figure Stand Separately and Form Innumerable Tableaux."Next are 4 story text pages, then 5 chromolithographed panels of figures folded accordion style and opening to 15”. Finally there is a page of stands that the child can mount their toys on after punching them out. These little books were published without a conventional back cover – The plain gray stands on the last leaf serves as the book's lower wrapper.

These little books were first issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons between 1907 and 1910, as part of Father Tuck’s “Panorama” Series. They are shown sold separately as well as all together in a blue and red box entitled " Father Tuck's Picture Land Panoramas" in a 1932 Raphael Tuck catalog. Other titles in this series (most of which are viewable in the "Books for Sale" or "Virtual Museum" section of this website) include:

Listed in 1932 Raphael Tuck catalog:

#7000 - Feathered Friend
#7001 - Buttercup Farm
#7002 - Robinson Crusoe
#7003 - Little Red Riding Hood
#7004 - Cinderella
#7005 - The Three Little Kittens
#7006 - Little Snow White
#7007 - Beauty and The Beast
#7008 - Off For The Holidays

Not in the 1932 catalog: (These latter two were 1908 advertising promotional giveaways by Hutzler Brothers which was a Baltimore, MD department store.)

Forest and Jungle
The Toy Army

All books are returnable within 10 days of receipt if not delighted for any reason.

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