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Missing Cover "Het Boek Met Verrassingen" by Thérèse Hoven, published in 1897 by L.J. Veen in Amsterdam movable flap book

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Dutch movable flap book 1800's "Het Boek Met Verrassingen" by Thérèse Hoven

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"Het Boek Met Verrassingen"
by Thérèse Hoven, published in 1897 by L.J. Veen in Amsterdam (Brinkman's catalog list date as 1897)
This movable book Includes 12 pages and features six colored lithographic plates with parts that can be moved to reveal a new scene. The book contains a series of engaging stories, In the movables, Piet disturbs a bird's nest and ends up being carried off by the birds. A baker's apprentice gets distracted in conversation, leading to his pastries being pilfered. Mischievous children provoke an elephant, which results in them being ejected from a tree. A woman in a balloon misplaces her hat to the wind. An explosive incident occurs when a barrel of gunpowder detonates with an individual atop. Lastly, some playful monkeys find themselves unexpectedly launched a great distance by a giraffe.

Condition - This book is missing it's boards. The insides are in excellent condition - see photos

Collector's Corner:

About the publisher: L.J. Veen, a Dutch publishing house, was established in Amsterdam by Lambertus Jacobus Veen in 1887. Lambertus, born on January 7, 1863, in Sneek, Netherlands, led the company until his death on September 20, 1919. The publishing house is renowned for its contributions to the literary world, including publishing notable works and engaging in innovative publishing practices.

After Lambertus's death, the company continued its operations, maintaining its reputation in the Dutch publishing landscape. The timeline of L.J. Veen's significant events post-Lambertus's era includes several mergers and acquisitions that shaped its modern identity. In 1925, Bosch & Keuning was founded, which later became a key part of the story when Veen Uitgevers Groep, the group representing L.J. Veen, spun off from Wolters Kluwer in 1999. In 2001, a pivotal merger occurred between Veen and Bosch & Keuning, forming Veen Bosch & Keuning (VBK). This merger marked a significant milestone, combining the strengths of both entities. In 2005, Veen Bosch & Keuning merged with Noordelijke Dagblad Combinatie, further expanding its reach and capabilities. However, by 2012, the group decided to split its book publication activities, a move that allowed for more focused operations in different sectors of the publishing world.

About the Author: Thérèse Elisabeth Hoven (1860-1941), was a prominent Dutch author celebrated for her extensive literary contributions, including over a hundred works ranging from novels and plays to children's stories. Hoven's literary journey was also marked by her role as editor-in-chief of the women's weekly magazine "De Hollandsche Lelie," and her translations. Her commitment to social issues, notably women's emancipation and charity work, underscores her significant impact beyond literature.


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Vintage movable book 1800's