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Carl Schaller Fürth 1890 - Unusual Vovelle Movable : Draai maar verder! original Carl Schaller signature included with purchase

Schaller & Kirn. Fürth 1885 - Unusual Vovelle Movable with changing faces
Schaller . Fürth 1885 - Unusual Vovelle Movable Book with changing faces

Alternative Views:

Prettig prentenboek voor groot en klein mit veranderlijke figuren, genomen uit het dagelijksch leven

Translates to: Turn it on! (ca. 1890), 'Pleasant picture book for young and old with changeable figures, taken from everyday life'

[Fürth, Carl Schaller, ca. 1890]. 10" X 7.75" (25.4 cm x 19.69 cm) 10 pages

5 col. lithogr. plates each with a movable disc inside. Through the use of the rotating mechanism, 10 various faces of each can sequentially come into view. The 5 movables include Baas Pikdraad, an Englishman, a rocking child, a washerwoman, and a pianist. The final images presented here display all 10 faces from one of the movable plates, highlighting the creative artistry that Schaller invested in each face's design.

Condition: Very Good. All movables are complete and working. All parts are original. The boards and binding are very nice for age. See photos.

Only one other copy found – It is held at the National Library of the Netherlands and can be found online.

According to P.J. Buijnsters and Leontine Buijnsters-Smets book Lust en Leering, some interesting movable picture books were published in the Netherlands during the last decades of the nineteenth century. They then mention 3 of the “better books”, one of which was this one.

Bonus included with this book: We have an original HAND SIGNED BY CARL SCHALLER invoice ( general invoice not for this book in particular) from the
"CARL SCHALLER Lithographische Anstalt, Bilderbücher- und Spiele-Fabrik, Jugendschriften-Verlag"

Notes on the publisher: See our Movable Book History section for our bio on the publishing firms of Carl Schaller

In 1883 Karl Schaller founded the Lithographic Art Institute and Storybook Factory in Fureth Bavaria along with a partner with Gregor Kirn. Kirn left the business in 1885 making Schaller the sole owner. Movable books imprinted Schaller & Kirn ( or SK) were likely published in 1884 or 1885. After 1885 they were Carl Schaller or C. Schaller.


Buijnsters, P. J. (2001). Lust en Leering: Geschiedenis van het Nederlandse Kinderboek in de negentiende eeuw. DBNL. Retrieved from https://www.dbnl.org/tekst/buij001lust01_01/buij0...

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