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Élie Haguenthal - Rare Slice Book World's Fair of 1867 Souvenir - Movable Slice Book

Small Slice Book World's Fair of 1867 souvenir
Small Slice Book World's Fair of 1867 souvenir movable book

Alternative Views:

Les Transformations Comiques

Uncommon movable book by Élie Haguenthal - World's Fair of 1867 souvenir Slice Book.

16x11 cm, hardcover 8pp with changable images

On title page:
Exposition Universelle De 1867
Tableaux Parlants, Nos Bons Troupiers
Publications Illustrees Pour L’Enfance et la jeunesse

Publisher: Haguenthal, Imprimeaur – Editeur a Point-a-Mousson. (Meurthe)

This is the first “slice” or “transformation” book that we have seen from Haguenthal, apparently created as a souvenir of the 1867 World’s Fair - The International Exposition of 1867 held in France. No other copies are to be found online or in Libraries Worldwide.

Instructions on the second page translate to: NOTE: To follow the subject properly,it is RIGOROUS to flip the pages, successively, one to one, and by NUMERIC ORDER.

The "World's Fair of 1867 Souvenir" by Haguenthal is an example of a transformation book. It was created as a souvenir of the 1867 World's Fair in Paris and features hand-colored lithographs that transform when the pages are sliced into sections that can be moved independently of each other. The book is divided into six sections, each depicting a different scene from the World's Fair, such as the Grand Staircase or the Machinery Hall. Each section can be sliced into three parts, allowing for the creation of different combinations of the scene. This book is considered a rare and valuable example of a transformation book.

Condition - All original, Complete, well bound, and without tears or missing pieces. Boards are somewhat grubby - see photos

Collectors Corner:

Haguenthal's work is highly sought after by collectors today and his pieces are considered to be some of the finest examples of 19th-century paper toys. He was known for his high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. His attention to detail set him apart from many other publishers of his time, and his works are considered some of the finest examples of the genre.

“Haguenthal, Imprimeur-Éditeur à Pont-à-Mousson” which translates to: "Haguenthal, Printer-Publisher in Pont-à-Mousson” was active from 1850-1880 - Élie Haguenthal (1823-1881 ) was a prominent French publisher and lithographer who specialized in creating novelty items such as peepshows and panoramas. He was active in the industry from around 1850 until his death in 1881. Haguenthal is primarily known for his work in the production of peepshows which he called Panoramas and Dioramas. He made several peepshow souvenirs for the same fair., one of which can be seen on Dick Balzer’s website.

After studying in Metz, he set up his own lithography company called "La Lithographie artistique de la Lorraine" in the town of Pont-à-Mousson in 1850. He also produced prints, dress-up fancy card games, character coloring boards, and all kinds of games. His company was sold in 1880 to Marcel Vogné.

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